Customers from the leading Big Four grocers – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda – have all taken to Twitter to complain about odd substitutions and orders that haven’t shown up at all for Christmas

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Christmas food range limited to avoid shortages, MPs told

Furious shoppers have blasted the major supermarkets for bizarre delivery substitutions and missing orders in the days running up to Christmas.

Some customers say they didn’t receive their turkey at all – or complained that it had been substituted.

In one incident, a baffled shopper said their turkey had been replaced with cod and another person said they received chicken instead.

We’ve got a full guide here on what to do if you’re turkey doesn’t arrive in time for Christmas.

Writing on Twitter, one Tesco customer said: “Only one item is missing from our Christmas delivery.

“Thank you Tesco for charging us for our Xmas turkey, getting it into the van, then magically not appearing on our door even though it is on the receipt (and we paid for it).”

One Tesco shopper said the turkey was completely missing from their order


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Another Tesco customer said: “Pretty frustrating for you to have seemingly missed an entire crate from our click and collect food shop.

“Guess that’s me having to go in to store for a bunch of things. Oh and you charged me for them too.”

An Asda shopper tweeted: “Whats the point in putting an order in for a turkey in November when you get your delivery receipt today advising its out of stock. Thanks for a stress free Xmas.”

A second Asda customer added: “Just received my order meant to be guaranteed delivery Christmas food no turkey crown and no email to inform me of this.”

Sainsbury’s shoppers have also complained in the run-up to Christmas


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Sainsbury’s was also receiving tweets from shoppers today, with one saying: “What’s the point of your Christmas delivery slots if you’re not going to send the turkey?

“Am I supposed to make Christmas dinner for five people with a 300gr cod fillet?”

Another said: “Sainsbury’s substituting my turkey food order. Minor detail. Why let me order a turkey if don’t have availability? Maybe notify no availability before morning of delivery?”

And a Morrisons shopper said they were “absolutely gobsmacked” by their delivery and said: “Turkey was a Chicken. Gammon joint was missing!”

Another added: “Morrisons, I’m glad Rudolph is happy. I’m not. Missing rum glazed joints. You replaced with a Turkey. How is that a suitable replacement?”

Have you had issues with your supermarket Christmas delivery? Let us know: [email protected]

Earlier today, we reported on how UK shoppers were facing low supplies of turkey and paracetamol in the run-up to Christmas, according to official data.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed 24% of frozen turkeys were not available or were in short supply between December 17 and December 20.

The figure for paracetamol was 25% in terms of low availability or completely sold out during the same period.

A spokesperson from Asda said it was contacting affected customers who didn’t receive a turkey.

They said: “This week we are delivering Christmas orders to over one million households across the country, and whilst we always try to make sure every delivery is perfect, delays or missing items can occasionally affect a small number of orders.

“We are picking up with those customers who didn’t receive a turkey as planned to try and get them one as soon as possible.”

A spokesperson from Sainsbury’s said the tweets we highlighted were “isolated examples” and said they were looking into the complaints.

They added: “It does not reflect the fantastic service our customers have received from our Groceries Online delivery team in the run-up to Christmas.

“Our colleagues have worked hard to make sure plenty of food is available to help our customers celebrate.”

The Mirror has contacted Tesco and Morrisons for comment.

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