Buzz, your girlfriend, woof! Home Alone launched the career of Macaulay Culkin and created a holiday classic that fans watch religiously every holiday season.

Three decades later, viewers still quote the iconic 1990’s Christmas film that follows 8-year-old Kevin McCallister (Culkin) after he is accidentally left home alone when his parents go to Florida for the holidays.

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern play the other leading roles as the two robbers, Harry and Marv, respectively, who try — and epically fail — to steal from the McCallister home under Kevin’s watch.

Quotes including, “Keep the change, you filthy animal” and “Look what you did you little jerk!” resonate with audiences of all ages. The memorable lines are part of the reason Culkin can’t escape his childhood fame.

“Christmas is my time of year,” the My Girl actor exclusively told Us Weekly in November 2019. “I get recognized 10 times more between the months of November and January. I have no idea why.”

The former child star noted that the worst aspect of the festive season is that he’s “on TV every two seconds,” which he explained is a “beautiful curse/a tricky blessing.”

Culkin isn’t the only actor from the ‘90s movie and it’s 1992 sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, that gets recognized.

Catherine O’Hara, who plays Kevin’s mom, Kate McCallister, told the Star in November 2015 that she is “grateful to be a part of someone’s Christmas ritual.”

Three years later, the Schitt’s Creek alum told InStyle that “from November through December ‘tis the season for Home Alone!” She also opened up about a run-in she had with her movie son a few years prior.

“I ran into Macaulay once, and he said, ‘Mom!’ and I said, ‘Baby!’” O’Hara told the outlet in January 2018. “He looked great and was doing well, and I was happy to see him.”

The film also stars the late John Heard as Kevin’s dad, Peter McCallister and features a cameo by the late John Candy as the Polka King of the Midwest, Gus Polinski.

Brenda Fricker, who portrayed “Pigeon Lady” in Home Alone 2, revealed in December 2020 that the holidays can be a tough time for her. “I would be lying if I said that it would be a nice and happy Christmas because I’m one of those people, I’m old and I live alone and it can be very dark,” Fricker, 75, said during an interview with Irish Radio 1. “I don’t want to be sounding kind of negative. But it is a different kind of Christmas, that’s all. … I put up Christmas lights, give me some marks for that — that’s a huge achievement for me.”

Scroll down to see what the cast of Home Alone has been up to the last 30 years — even grumpy Uncle Frank!

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