Rebecca Taylor has had a successful 2021 and is hoping to be even bigger in 2022

Rebecca Taylor

For most of us, 2021 has been dominated by annoying politicians – hello, Boris – mixed messages – hello, Boris – and lateral flow tests – f*** off, Boris.

Thankfully some people have been talking sense. And one of my heroes of the year is Self Esteem singer Rebecca Taylor.

On her brilliant album Prioritise Pleasure, the Sheffield-born star sings about not conforming to societal pressure and focusing on self love.

It has won the Guardian’s Album of the Year while she has also been crowned BBC Music Introducing Artist of the Year.

Rebecca told me how she is breaking down “misogyny”, having been nominated for her first Brit Award at the age of 35.

Catching up after the nominations were announced, Rebecca tells me: “I am so ready to be overrated. I thought this time would never come but the second you stop caring, it comes.

“I’m excited to have a platform that I can use. I’m 35 and I’m nominated for a Brit Award. I really did not think that would be possible.

“I think I have every right to be doing this… Chris Martin is still doing this, so why do I worry? Because of society and society is ruled by misogyny.

“I don’t hate men at all – I fancy loads of them – but if we can slightly challenge things that people have never ever thought about, like the Brit Awards never having any women over 30, then that’s a good thing.”

As a people-pleaser, Rebecca says she’s had to learn to say “no” more and musically, her hero has always been Queen of Pop, Madonna.

“The defiance, the reinvention… No one has worked harder than her in the industry,” Rebecca says.

“She would make statements or do things that would end your career but it never did. Even the way she is criticised is inspiring to me.”

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