TikTok star Shaina Kay Cardwell shared a video with her fans, explaining how she was due to meet a man she’d swiped right on but she googled him and decided it was best not to meet

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TikToker uncovers Hinge date’s past with Google search

A woman was set to meet a man she’d matched with on an online dating app – but she immediately cancelled after googling him.

TikTok star Shaina Kay Cardwell, @shainakaycardwell, has issued a stark warning to her followers and has urged them to research their potential partners before any meetups.

She said that after she searched her date’s name online, she found that he had previously been arrested for aggravated kidnapping.

Shaina said that she cancelled the date and refused to meet the man, and said in a video that if she hadn’t googled him she would have had no idea she was going on a date with a potential kidnapper.

Shaina said the man had been arrested for aggravated kidnapping



TikTok star Shaina was glad she googled the man before she met him



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Taking to TikTok, Shaina said: “When I was about to go on a Hinge date and decided to Google him and saw he was arrested for aggravated kidnapping.

Shanina’s video proved popular with TikTok fans and soon she had over 300,000 views and was inundated with comments from people sharing their dating horror stories.

One person said: “A guy who begged me to date him who I turned down I googled later only to find out he was arrested for attacking a UPS worker at his house.”

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And a second added: “I straight up asked a guy what would happen if I googled him and he told me I wouldn’t like it. Actual sexual assault accusations.”

While a third said: “My friend googled him after the date – he had an assault charge for killing his ex’s chihuahua and beating her with the dead dog. Google first.”

And another simply added: “This is why I don’t do dating sites.”

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