Christmas films have been closely examined by savvy viewers over the years, and some awkward and downright silly blunders have been spotted, including a blinking corpse and a glaring maths mistake

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Home Alone: Trailer for classic 1990 Christmas film

We all make blunders at work, even some of the world’s top film directors.

And Christmas films such as Home Alone and Die Hard are no exception, with awkward gaffes spotted by eagle-eyed viewers every year.

From awkward maths gaffes and small continuity errors, to flying hair and a terrorist smacking into a wall, there have been some absolute gems.

So when you sit down to watch one a festive favourite this year, don’t forget to look out for these mistakes.

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A crew member walks out to the left of the frame and hastily goes back in

In Elf, Will Ferrell plays Buddy, a suspiciously tall elf in Santa’s workshop who discovers he is actually a human, and goes on a mission to find his dad.

But in one scene, a crew member is accidentally visible in the shot.

He marches out from a door along the New York street when Buddy is chasing Michael, blissfully unaware that the actors are filming.

Perhaps someone gestured wildly to inform him, or he suddenly noticed the camera, but he hastily shrinks back into the house he came from and might not have been so conspicuous had he not been wearing a bright yellow cap.

Home Alone

Harry touches the doorknob with his hand turned

In the first Home Alone film, Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) is left on his own by his forgetful family, while scary burglars prowl around outside.

Kevin sets up elaborate traps to maim the burglars, instead of simply calling the police.

One of these included heating up a doorknob ready to make villainous Harry’s hand turn to blister.

But the blister is imprinted as if his hand was straight

When Harry touches the doorknob, he turns his hand to the left.

But when he lifts his hand up to look at the burned skin, the M on the doorknob is imprinted as if he touched it with his hand held straight upwards.

The gaffes don’t end there.

Kevin’s dinner magically changes

In a later clip, when Harry is threatening Kevin upstairs, he raises his hand and the 3rd degree burn has miraculously vanished without a trace.

That was quick!

Other Home Alone continuity errors include Kevin’s meal changing from macaroni cheese to a TV dinner between shots.

Die Hard

Karl, who is meant to be dead, is visible in the background

Die Hard might not be a fantasy film, but somehow its characters rise from the dead anyway.

Karl (Alexander Godunov) gets strangled by John (Bruce Willis) and killed.

But moments later, he is visible in the background of the shot as John re-loads his gun.

One Reddit user pointed the blunder out, writing: “I watched Die Hard for the first time tonight.

The corpse clearly blinks

“You can see Karl standing in the background after John just strangled him with the chains. I assume he strangled the stunt double. GREAT Christmas movie by the way!”

Karl isn’t the only character to be resurrected.

When Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) finds Tony dead, he examines him before grabbing his head and pushing it to the other side.

One of Hans’ henchmen would’ve smacked into the wall if he kept going

As he does so, the actor who plays Tony very clearly blinks.


In another hilarious shot, Hans’ terrorist henchmen are marching into the building behind their leader.

The shot cuts out at the perfect time, because given where the man on the far left is, he could only have smacked into the wall after that.

It’s a Wonderful Life

George’s brother supposedly died aged nine

It’s a Wonderful Life is an absolute classic even all those years on – but someone in the set department might have struggled with maths.

In one scene, Clarence Odbody tells George Bailey that his brother died aged nine, but when his tombstone is shown, it says he lived from 1911–1919.

That would make George’s brother only seven or eight years old.

The Grinch

The mayor’s assistant’s hair starts flying off before the razor touches it

In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carey as the grumpy titular character, the mayor’s assistant shaves his head on stage to match his boss.

But the hair starts flying off his head before the razor even touches him, savvy viewers have pointed out.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story makes an awkward historical blunder

You might not expect much historical research was needed when filming A Christmas Story, set in 1939.

But the movie gets one thing wrong that only an expert would notice.

When Mrs Shields opens her drawer, there is a pair of chattering teeth inside.

But chattering teeth weren’t invented until 1949, meaning there was no way Mrs Shields could have a pair.

Similarly, in The Muppets’ Christmas Carol, Gonzo and Rizzo are selling Red Delicious apples.

But that particular type of apple wasn’t discovered until 1875, and the film is meant to take place in the early 1800s.

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