Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service crews were called to the docks in Belfast at 1.33pm on Tuesday after a major fire broke out close to East Twin Road this afternoon

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Belfast: Smoke pours into sky following large fire at Docks

A huge fire in the Belfast docks has caused a great plume of thick black smoke to billow into the sky.

Emergency services are currently at the scene of a large fire in Belfast.

A blaze broke out in the area of East Twin Road, which is by the docks, Belfast Live reported.

It is not currently clear what exactly is on fire, although images from the scene show a mound of debris with flames rushing out of it.

One person at the scene suggested it was a large pile of scrap metal.

A spokesperson for the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service said crews were called to the scene at 1.33pm.

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Fire crews were called to the blaze at around 1.30pm

Harbour Police are also at the fire, which is causing great clouds of thick, black smoke to rise into the afternoon’s air.

An eyewitness said: “Minor bangs and crackles are being heard.”

At least four fire engines have been deployed to help tackle the blaze.

Fire fighters used an extendable platform to blast water down onto the fire from a height.

The smoke can be Divis and Black mountain, which is more than ten miles from the docks.

More to follow.

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