A woman is refusing to apologise to her husband for uninviting his family for Christmas, after he invited 26 people round for five days of celebrations without consulting her

She uninvited the whole family and her husband was furious
She uninvited the whole family and her husband was furious

A pregnant mum has revealed her frustrations, after her husband invited 26 family members round their home for five days of Christmas celebrations, without ever consulting her.

The woman, who shares a two-year-old with her husband and has another baby on the way, uninvited the family after discovering what had happened, and now her hubby is demanding a written apology.

“My husband has a large family and on every Christmas they’d gather at his father’s house. My father-in-law passed away a year ago and this year my husband decided as the man of the family to host Christmas at our house,” she explained o n Reddit’s AITA forum.

“Unbeknown to me, he sent out invitations for a five day Christmas celebration to his entire family, which is about 26 members in total. I found out about by accident and I was too shocked to react.

He sent invitations to 26 people without consulting her


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“I confronted him on it and he said I shouldn’t be surprised and just get used to it because after his father’s death he’s now the family’s ‘head’ and all major family events will be held in our house and in his presence.”

The woman “freaked out” and told her husband he was wrong for inviting so many people round their house without consulting her first, as he knows she has other commitments, like work, taking their of their home and their son. He responded by telling her they’d manage fine if she takes time off work, but it would be taken away from her upcoming maternity leave.

“I demanded he cancel the invitations but he refused saying ‘over my dead body’ then walked out. I ended up sending a mass text to everyone who received an invitation explaining that we will not be hosting Christmas this year. He found out and went off on me calling my behaviour ‘outrageously appalling’ and said that I broke his word to his family and made him look small and with no authority,” she continued.

“In a very strict tone I replied that I didn’t sign up to host a celebration and accommodate 26 people while pregnant, taking care of a toddler and working. And I don’t care if he became the head of family after his father’s death because it means nothing to me. He took offence to that and walked out almost crying.”

Her husband later accused her of disrespecting his late father and himself, before demanding she write a handwritten apology for cancelling the event and “being insensitive towards him and undermining his authority in front of his family.”

The woman refused to apologise to him in any way, and she later received a “stern talk” from her mother-in-law about “out of line” she’d been in disrespecting her husband’s decision and authority.

She then turned to Reddit to question whether she had been in the wrong and was met with resounding support.

“Is he delusional? A written apology? What are you his servant? Jesus Christ, that’s repulsive,” one Reddit user commented, while another added: “Re-invite everyone and then take your kid to a hotel for the duration. He can entertain his family by himself if he thinks that’s so important.”

“You work full time, have a toddler, and you are pregnant. He expects you to not go to work which will impact your maternity leave with your new baby so that you can host 26 people for almost a week??? Nope! You did the right thing,” a third added.

“No real man would have invited that many people without consulting his wife first. No real man would expect his pregnant working wife to do all that. The only other thing you could have done was let him do everything on his own. He could do all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining for you and his guests. Let him do everything while you rest in bed.”

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