It might be the most magical time of the year, but just because it’s Christmas, that doesn’t stop people from fighting over the sales, freaking out on the festive day, and of course, debating on when it’s acceptable to take down their Christmas tree and decorations.

So, when are we supposed to take them down? Is there a specific date? Do people actually take everything down before the New Year or should we appreciate them a little longer?
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Let’s try and settle the age-old debate, shall we?

Every family has different traditions.

Some of us adore Christmas and want to appreciate our special Christmas decorations for as long as possible, though others wait and put decorations up as close to Christmas Day as they can’t wait to take them all down a week after.

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Unlike the varied dates for people to put up their tree, many people do stick to the same date to take down their tree — between January 5 or 6.

Traditionally, the twelfth night (meaning twelve days after Christmas) represents the true end of the festive period.

And in Victorian times, and even before that, families used to celebrate this date by eating cake, dancing, and playing games.

It was always the tradition to take down decorations only on or after those dates, which is probably bad news to those who leave Christmas decorations up until February!

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