The Labour leader is set to offer Brits a life of security and prosperity next year. Sir Keir will start 2022 with his party ahead in a series of recent opinion polls in the wake of Tory sleaze and Tory ‘partygate’

Sir Keir Starmer has promised to unveil a “detailed” plan to “build a new Britain” in 2022.

In his New Year’s message, the Labour leader said the country needed leadership to ensure “the sacrifices of the past two years have not been in vain”.

Promising a plan to offer security, respect and prosperity for people across the country, he said: “I believe the best still lies ahead for Britain.

“That – if we make the right choices – together we can seize the future and make it work for every family in every part of Britain.

“That must be the true legacy of all the sacrifices and pain of the past two years of the pandemic.”

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer, who has thanked key workers who have “saved countless lives” this year in his Christmas message to the nation



The Labour leader wants to equip Brits with skills needed to be competitive in the global marketplace


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The Labour leader will begin 2022 with his party ahead in a series of recent opinion polls, as Boris Johnson suffered a bruising December with 100 of his MPs rebelling over coronavirus restrictions, a row over Downing Street parties and the North Shropshire by-election loss.

In a bid to offer prosperity, Sir Keir said people needed to be equipped with the skills to be competitive in a global marketplace.

“All this demands a truly dynamic economy – ensuring that no city, no town, no village is left behind, as we buy, make and sell more in Britain,” Sir Keir said.

He also noted there was much to look forward to in 2022, including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

For the Labour leader, the year would be spent “setting out, in detail, the ideas that I believe can build a new Britain – a Britain that works for everyone, in every part of the country and not just for those at the top”.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said he hopes 2022 will be the year we beat Covid



Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey used his message to say he hoped 2022 will be “the year we will finally beat Covid”.

“Through all the ups and downs, the thing that has shone through the most for me is the remarkable courage, resilience and compassion of the British people,” Sir Ed said.

“Everywhere I go, everyone I meet – you make me proud to be British, and optimistic for our future.”

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