Alyssa Renee Gutierrez, from Las Vegas in the US, has rubbed some people up the wrong way with TikTok videos sharing snippets of her lavish lifestyle – but she insists she’s so spoiled she doesn’t care

Alyssa says every day is like Christmas for her

Christmas is a special time of year for everyone when, if we’re fortunate enough, we share gifts with our loved ones and are lavished with them too.

But for some people living a life of luxury, Christmas is just like any other day of the year – and every day is treat day.

One such pampered princess is 23-year-old Alyssa Renee Gutierrez, who recently got engaged to her 57-year-old lover Peter.

She claims he says she’s “too pretty” to work, so she quit her job and now lives a life of luxury.

In a TikTok video that has racked up 53,000 views, the bride-to-be says all her days are just like Christmas Day, because she’s so spoiled.

She says: “Hot girls don’t have to ask for gifts for Christmas because… Hot girls get Christmas year-round.”

The pair announced their engagement in July


Alyssa says her fiance told her she’s too pretty to work


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The 23-year-old from Las Vegas has been dating her beau Peter, who is 34 years older than her, for three years.

And, raking in the cash from his job as a professional gambler, Peter makes sure to treat his fiancée at every opportunity.

The pair went on their first date just three days before Alyssa’s twentieth birthday, shortly after dad-of-two Peter had separated from his ex-wife.

And Alyssa revealed she’s only a few months older than Peter’s daughter – but she insists the pair are “good friends.”

She said: “I’ve always been attracted to older men my whole life – people think I only like men who are older than my father which isn’t true because when I was 18, I had multiple relationships with people ageing from their 20s to their 40s.”

She added that, when she’d dated men her own age, they were more keen to have casual relationships and would never commit.

After announcing her engagement to Peter this summer, Alyssa said she’d quit her job as a hairdresser.

She claimed Peter had told her to stop working because she’s “too pretty” to work for a living.

Although the TikTok star added it was only a temporary arrangement due to the fact the pair are constantly travelling.

In fact, she revealed she’s planning on setting up her own business soon.

While Alyssa has plenty of fans on TikTok, she has also caused controversy with some of her videos sharing snippets of her lavish lifestyle.

Alyssa rubbed people up the wrong way when she showed off her purchases on TikTok


She showed off her rock after Peter popped the question in July


Posting a shot of her car seat filled with Gucci shopping bags, Alyssa said: “I was having a bad period so Daddy told me to go treat myself.”

Trolls flooded the comments section of the video, to which Alyssa hit back saying she was treated like “royalty” by her beau, while everyone else was being treated like “regulars.”

Despite more than three decades between her and her partner, Alyssa claims her mum and dad approve of the relationship.

After keeping quiet about Peter for the first year they were dating, she says they finally broke the news to her parents, who were “very supportive.”

However, she admitted she’s lost some friends along the way who weren’t so keen on her age gap relationship.

Hitting out at “constant judgement” surrounding age gaps in relationships, she insisted: “It’s becoming more common.”

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