A woman took to TikTok to share her dating horror story after she discovered that the person she was meant to be going on a date with wasn’t who he said he was

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TikToker details time she found out her date was married

A woman has urged people to “trust their gut” after she caught out her date in a lie.

Dynah, from the US, was just about to head out to meet her date when she discovered that she had been texting had been pretending to be someone else.

She shared the story on her TikTok account @itsdynah, where she captioned the post: “Women work faster than the FBI.”

Dynah said: “You guys, you need to trust your gut. I was about to go on a date right now, shoes on, ready to go to the date, and I asked this guy, I was like ‘hey could you call me so we could solidify the details’.”

But after Googling the two men, who turned out to be work colleagues, she found out the man she was talking to was married.

Dynah couldn’t believe it



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“I google them. They’re co-workers. He’s married. I found the wedding photos. I’m pretty sure he has a kid,” said Dynah.

It turns out, the guy she was talking to was impersonating his coworker so as not to get caught out by his wife.

“I called him out, he gas-lit me and tried to make me feel bad so I sent him the additional proof that they are co-workers and that he had lied to me about not knowing who that person is. So anyway, no I’m not going on a date tonight” she added.

“And the caller ID doesn’t match his name and I’m like ‘who’s this?’ and he was like ‘huh? I don’t know that person’ and my tone switched immediately and said ‘that’s fine’.”

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 8,400 likes and hundreds of comments from people who told her to tell his wife.

However, Dynah said she “couldn’t find her online.”

One person said: “Tell his wife. Seal the deal so she doesn’t have to go through more pain just like you felt some pain.”

Another wrote: “Why are men still trying to act like we don’t need their first name to do our homework?”

A third commented: “Bullet dodged.”

Someone else put: “ALWAYS, ALWAYS trust your gut. More often than not that weird feeling you get about someone is accurate. Don’t disregard that feeling.”

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