Shelly Horton struggled to split the finances when her first marriage ended, so she was determined to do things differently with her second husband – and she wouldn’t have it any other way

A woman who claims she’ll never have a joint bank account with her husband says separate finances are “vital” to their happy marriage.

Shelly Horton says many people find her stance on cash odd, but says her decision is nothing to do with greed and is instead about independence.

Writing for Honey9, she explains: “I don’t want to be asking my husband if he would mind if I bought a certain dress or took my nephews to the movies. I know he would say yes — that’s not the issue at all. The issue is I don’t want to have to ask. I work really hard, therefore I know I’m entitled to my own money.”

Shelly learnt the dangers of joint accounts during her first marriage


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She’s worked hard to get her finances in order



Shelly and hubby Darren, from Australia, keep all their cash separate and both know exactly where they stand in terms of cash – both now and when the other dies.

Ahead of her second marriage, she sat down with her husband and lawyers to discuss their money. They also had wills drawn up to work out who would get what.

However, she insists it’s not as unromantic as it sounds, adding that it’s simply “clear and clean”.

Journalist Shelly speaks from experience, as a messy end to her first marriage left in her in a complicated place financially.

She didn’t have any of her own accounts, and everything was in both of their names – which made splitting things up extremely difficult.

She writes: “I think it’s a particularly good pattern to be in, because I know of a lot of people (especially women) who are financially abused by their partner. If someone is in charge of the finances, they wield a lot of power.

“I would suggest every woman out there has her own bank account she can access at any time, because you never know when you’ll need it.”

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