Olivia Kolek, 14, was on her way to a house party when the tragedy happened close to Rowley Regis railway station in the West Midlands at around 4.45pm on Friday

Olivia Kolek was just 14 when she died after being struck by a car on her way to a New Year’s party

A heartbroken mum whose daughter was killed in a New Year’s Eve crash involving a suspected drug driver has said her world is shattered.

Olivia Kolek, 14, was on her way to a house party when the tragedy happened.

She had dropped into her mum’s work shortly before she died to wish her a happy New Year.

Olivia died after being struck by a grey Mercedes while she was on her way to Rowley Regis railway station in the West Midlands at around 4.45pm.

Sadly she died at the scene around 45 minutes later, and a 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving while under the influence of drugs.

A man was arrested following the tragedy on Friday



Devastated mum Izabela Maziakowska told The Sun : “I don’t know how I am going to get up and get on with my life. It is broken forever.”

She said Oliva was a “lovely girl” who was her “whole world”.

Just days before the family had enjoyed a perfect Christmas together, Izabela, 41, said.

Olivia, who loved Christmas, had decorated their tree and baked cookies.

On Friday she stopped at her mum’s work to wish her a happy new year before heading toward the station so she could go and meet friends.

She said she had given her money and told her to enjoy herself, but it would be the last time she would ever see her.

Izabela, 41, wept: “Why is the world so cruel? My daughter didn’t deserve this, nor did we.”

Olivia’s dad and friends frantically searched for her



Later she tried to ring her daughter after friends dropped presents at their home, but she did not answer.

The location on her phone revealed she was near the station, so her dad and two friends went looking for her after seeing there had been a crash.

Izabela said they arrived at the scene to find a tent had been put up by police at the scene, where her daughter tragically died.

Her distraught dad learned that Olivia had died, and saw her body, Izabela said.

Izabela said one of her daughter’s friends had said they were speaking to her on the phone when they heard a crash and someone calling for an ambulance.

Police are investigating the fatal crash.

Sergeant Julie Lyman from West Midlands Police’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: “This is a truly awful way to start the New Year and my heart goes out to the girl’s family and friends.

“We’ve started an investigation to understand what happened and the driver has been arrested as we believe he was driving while unfit through drugs.

“The investigation is clearly in the early stages and I would urge people not to speculate online about what happened. It’s really not helpful and can be very upsetting for the family.”

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