The teen couple weren’t allowed to message each other on their phones after 9pm, but that hasn’t stopped them speaking for hours every night

His amused sister shared the story online

Young love is a powerful thing, and teens will go to all lengths to chat to their crush.

But there is one thing that can often get in the way – strict parents who are concerned about their education, future and safety.

With more concerns around the use of technology, many mums and dads enforce strict curfews on screen time, which means young Romeos and Juliets can’t spend hours chatting.

So one sneaky teenage couple came up with a genius way to get around their evening phone bans – and it’s utterly brilliant.

But the lad’s sister discovered their cunning plan and shared it on TikTok – where it’s being praised by people around the world.

They chat on GoogleDocs instead of WhatsApp



Viewers have praised their clever idea



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In the video she wrote: “My little brother’s girlfriend loses her phone privileges every night at 9pm.

“So they “chat” on Google Docs every night.”

TikTok users were amazed by their creativity, with some saying they were going to try it out themselves.

One said: “Dude that’s the cutest s*** I’ve ever seen.”

Another added: “Teens will always find a way.”

A third commented: “So smart, especially if you do it at the bottom of an essay so it looks like you’ve just been working on that, but really you’re not.”

And others recalled doing similar things themselves when they were younger.

One commented: “Me and my friends did this in class because we had to put our phones in pocket holders, but ew used laptops.”

Another said: “My parents forgot my aunt got me a kindle so whenever they’d take my phone I’d just charge that bad boy up and keep it under my mattress.”

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