Take the quiz of the year to see how much you know about the highs and lows of 2021, from Boris’s blundering and royal revelations to football and TV highlights

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Test your knowledge with our 2021 quiz of the year

That’s it then, eh?

By the time you read this, we’re well into 2022, but there’s still time for a little 2021 quiz.

It’s not, as always, strictly politics. I don’t have the material/attention span to do a full 36 questions on that dark art. So here you go.

Not quite Mastermind, but harder than Catchphrase. And no prize other than beating your friends and family in heated competition – which, let’s face it, is what this time of year is really about.

Anyway, belated HNY, blue Alka-Seltzer for the hangover, stick to your resolutions, and I hope 2022 is kind.

Boris gets his booster vaccination




1. A third vaccine got approval for use in the UK along with AZ and Pfizer. Which one was it?

2. Which legendary music festival – due to take place in the summer – got cancelled again?

3. Finally, mercifully, Joe Biden took over from Donald Trump as the President of the USA. What number president is he?


4. Boris Johnson attracted controversy for using taxpayer cash to have a photographer capture which member of the Downing Street household?

5. Which taxi firm found out from the Supreme Court they were going to have to treat their drivers as workers?

6. The lowest temperature since 2010, -17.1C, was recorded in which country of the UK?


7. Who did Meghan and Harry do their big interview with?

8. And which presenter stormed off breakfast TV because he was so upset by it?

9. In the first really big sleaze scandal of the year, which former PM was investigated over lobbying conducted on behalf of Greensill Capital?


10. Which vacuum magnate did Boris Johnson promise he would ease tax laws to in return for making more ventilators?

11. How many English Premier League clubs signed up to a breakaway European Super League?

12. And how many bottled it a couple of days later?

Which seat did Jill Mortimer win? (Question 15)




13. After 240 years in business, which High Street fixture closed its final department store?

14. A self-driving bus was trialled in which UK university city?

15. Jill Mortimer became the first Tory MP since 1974 for which town in the North East?


16. The first non-Conservative candidate to win in Chesham and Amersham since it was formed, was elected. Which county is the constituency in?

17. Which minister resigned after getting caught on CCTV, how can I put this, “breaking social distancing rules?”

18. Which former speaker of the House of Commons finally saw sense and defected to Labour?


19. Which UK city lost UNESCO world heritage status because of waterfront developments?

20. Dawn Butler was thrown out of the House of Commons for calling Boris Johnson which four-letter word? (Keep this clean please. Family quiz.)

21. We won’t mention the Euro final, so who did England beat 2-1 in the semi?


22. It all kicked off in Afghanistan as the withdrawal got under way in earnest. What’s the capital of Afghanistan?

23. And on which Greek island was then Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on holiday when he should have been at his desk?

24. Which beloved actress and Give Us A Clue fixture passed away this month, attracting tributes from her pal Cliff Richard?

Which band was Feargal Sharkey in? (Question 30)


Adam Gerrard / Daily Mirror)


25. As Boris Johnson shuffled the pack, who was somehow made Deputy PM?

26. How did that happen?

27. Seriously. How the **** did that happen?


28. Members of which environmental protest group got arrested for gluing themselves to things?

29. Boris Johnson escaped the troubles of the country by flying to which Spanish holiday destination?

30. Feargal Sharkey helped to raise awareness of dumping sewage in rivers. What band did he front from 1975 to 1983?


31. The Queen missed which annual event after doing her back in?

32. Which footballer was awarded the MBE for basically, you know, doing the government’s work for them around free school meals?

33. A Tyson Fury statue inexplicably made out of drainpipes was unveiled in which Lancashire seaside resort?


34. Which TV show – apart from the Queen’s message – got the highest viewing figures on Christmas Day?

35. The fella hired by Downing Street to investigate people having parties in their office had to step down after it was discovered he’d had what in his office?

36. And I know it’s not strictly a December one, but we’ll take it. Which Sunday newspaper celebrated 140 glorious years during 2021?

The Queen’s Christmas message (Question 34)



Quiz Answers

1. Moderna 2. Glastonbury 3. 46th 4. Dilyn the Dog 5. Uber 6. Scotland 7. Oprah 8. Piers Morgan 9. David Cameron 10. James Dyson 11. Six 12. Six 13. Debenhams 14. Cambridge 15. Hartlepool 16. Buckinghamshire 17. Hancock 18. John Bercow 19. Liverpool 20. Liar 21. Denmark 22. Kabul 23. Crete 24. Una Stubbs 25. Dominic Raab 26. I don’t know 27. I DON’T KNOW 28. Insulate Britain 29. Marbella 30. The Undertones 31. Remembrance Sunday 32. Marcus Rashford 33. Morecambe 34. Strictly 35. A party 36. Us!

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