Former Prime Minister Tony Blair facing a furious backlash as mums whose soldier sons died in Afghanistan and Iraq attack the decision to award him a knighthood

Tony Blair
Tony Blair was Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007

Military mums who lost loved ones in Afghanistan and Iraq have been angered by the decision to knightTony Blair in the New Year honours.

Some threatened to return Elizabeth Crosses – an honour awarded to bereaved families – as a sign of their disgust.

Former PM Mr Blair has been dogged by controversy over the legality and morality of the wars.

Carol Valentine, whose son Simon was killed while clearing land mines in Afghanistan in 2009, called the knighthood “the ultimate insult”.

Hazel Hunt, who lost her son, Richard, in Afghanistan, said she was “contemplating sending the Elizabeth Cross back as a sign of my protest”.

Tony Blair in 1998 when he was Prime Minister



And Caroline Whitaker, whose son Gareth was shot dead by an Afghan police officer in 2012, said: “The establishment is making a mockery of our children’s deaths.”

The Chilcot Report into the Iraq War in 2016 found Mr Blair presented the case for invasion with “a certainty which was not justified” and based on “flawed” intelligence.

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