The parents and school teachers of the three children were spoken to by police and they were each issued an antisocial behaviour letter after the incident in Liverpool

They allegedly groped a woman in her doorway in Liverpool late at night
They allegedly groped a woman in her doorway in Liverpool late at night

An eight-year old-boy and two of his friends have been given a warning by police after they allegedly groped a woman in her doorway late at night.

The woman, 21, said she was approached by the boy and his friends after moving into a new property in Liverpool last year.

Initially the three of them were acting ‘cute’, and politely asking if they could take a discarded office chair from outside the property, she claimed.

But when they persisted in the doorway despite her asking them to leave at around 10.30pm, one of them grabbed her chest inappropriately and another tried to lift up her skirt, according to police.

The woman who is in her final year of studies at University of Liverpool, told the Liverpool Echo : “I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s fine, take the chair’, and they were acting really cute and things, and they were just like, ‘Aw thanks miss, thanks miss’.

“Then they wouldn’t really leave the door and they were basically half in, half out the house.”

She said that after trying to get the boys to leave, one of them pointed at her light blue iPhone 11, saying ‘blue, blue’ before trying to grab it.

However when she tried to resist she alleged the boy grabbed her chest inappropriately.

The confused student said the incident left her feeling helpless and that she couldn’t “do anything because they’re kids”.

Out of fear of repercussions from the children’s relatives, the woman did not report the incident to police, but she has since spoken out.

She said: “All I keep thinking is if they do stuff like this now, they’re going to grow up to be horrible adults.

“I do think they know what they’re doing. They act like they don’t, they try and play up this whole cutesy thing, but they know what they’re doing.”

The psychology student added: “It’s weird because they’re kids, so you’re not meant to feel scared, but you do feel scared.”

Police have made enquiries and tracked down the victim.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said: “We can confirm three children were issued anti-social behaviour letters and their parents spoken to after an incident on Monday 13 December.

“Officers were made aware of a social media post referencing the incident and conducted enquiries to identify and speak to the victim and offenders.

“The victim was located and it was subsequently reported a group of three boys approached the 20-year-old woman at 10.30pm on 13 December, and that one lifted the woman’s skirt.

“The boys then left the scene on foot.

“After extensive witness enquiries in the area officers found the three boys involved, including the eight-year-old suspect.

“In collaboration with Liverpool Council Safer & Stronger Communities and partner agencies all three boys were spoken to in the presence of parents, explained the consequences of their actions and given anti-social behaviour letters warning them of their behaviour.

“The school attended by the boys was also informed of the incident and relevant referrals have been made.

“Anyone with information on similar incidents is asked to DM @MerPolCC quoting reference 21000878025 or call @CrimestoppersUK on 0800 555 111.”

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