Emmerdale fans have slammed serial killer Meena Jutla and say she is now going ‘too far’ after she threatened to kill Princess the dog, whilst holding her sister Manpreet hostage

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Emmerdale: Meena says she may kill Princess

Emmerdale fans think Meena Jutla is going “too far” after she threatened to kill the family dog.

The serial killer has murdered four people so far – her friend Nadine, Leanna Cavanagh, Ben Tucker and Andrea Tate and is currently keeping her sister Manpreet Sharma as a hostage – but fans were troubled by her latest admission.

Meena admitted to her sibling that she was considering seeing to the end of her dog Princess, and viewers of the ITV soap were left fuming by her admission as they insisted she had gone way too far now.

She showed her sister a dog calendar she had bought her as she menacingly circled Manpreet’s expected death date.

Meena is keeping her sister hostage

However, fans of the show were most taken aback by Meena’s comment about her pet, as she said: “Mind you, even Princess’ charms are wearing thin, if I’m honest, might have to think about her future too once I’m done here.”

They took to Twitter to vent their frustrations as one wrote: “Meena hurting Princess will be taking it **too** far # Emmerdale.”

Another added: “Meena you leave Princess alone!! #Emmerdale.”

And Emmerdale viewers worry Meena will kill her dog Princess next



It comes after evil Meena threatened to kill her sister Manpreet.

“As it’s New Year I need to make a few resolutions about where my life is going, and when I say my life of course I mean yours… what little you have left of it,” she began in a chilling monologue, “Now I have realised I can kill you after all.”

She has since drugged her sister with sleeping pills in a bid to end her life.

Meena’s killed four people already

Actress Paige Sandhu says Meena is in a tricky position, as she explained: “Meena is sort of in a tough position because she really doesn’t want to want Manpreet to die because she loves her, in Meena’s way.

“I think Meena really wanted to Manpreet to slip away gently, even though that’s really painful for her to lose her sister, but it just means she doesn’t have to kill her.

“The idea of starting again with Manpreet and Manpreet also accepting Meena for who she is, that’s really desirable.”

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