A student was left red-faced when her mum caught her sneaking a guy into her house using the camera on their doorbell – despite being convinced she’d deactivated it

Carley was convinced she'd deactivated her mum's Ring doorbell
Carley was convinced she’d deactivated her mum’s Ring doorbell

There are some things you just don’t want your parents to know, but if you live with them – or in this case are home from college for the holiday – it can be pretty difficult to keep secrets.

One woman recently learned this the hard way, after she attempted to sneak a date into her home on New Year’s Eve only to be caught out by her own mum.

Back in the day, sneaking someone in or out the house was all about trying to keep the noise down, and if you could do that, then you’d probably be okay. These days however, new technology like house cameras and digital doorbells are just dying to catch you in the act.

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Carley Weaver, who posts from the handle @carley_weaver1 on TikTok, thought she’d committed the ultimate act of stealth, by deactivating her mum’s Ring doorbell, before trying to sneak her mystery man into the house. But she had not.

Unfortunately, Carley’s mum was woken up with a notification from the doorbell, which provided video evidence of her and a unidentified gentleman entering their home in the early hours.

Her mum immediately texted her, asking: “Do you have someone here?” She then followed up with: “Who is in your bed this am?”

However, Carley didn’t see the messages and the next day woke up with these messages, as well as another which read: “Hello missy… are you not awake yet??? How about your bed partner???”

Honestly, mortifying. Carley shared the clip from the doorbell, with her suitor’s face graciously covered, alongside the caption: “When you thought you deactivated the ring and wake up to texts from your mom. What a great way to start the year!”

Luckily her mum didn’t seem to mind too much, with Carley writing in the comments: “My mom and I are besties, she laughed when I told her the story. She was just caught off guard.” Phew.

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