It’s not going to be a good start to 2022 for Coronation Street’s Faye Windass after she finds herself involved in a hit and run with Emma Brooker

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Corrie: Faye tells Tim about rape, pregnancy and killer threat

Coronation Street ‘s Faye Windass has not long returned home from prison, but it seems she could soon be heading back behind bars.

Soap star Ellie Leach has revealed that her character will keep a tragic secret from her boyfriend Craig Tinker – and it could have devastating consequences for them both.

Speaking to press including The Mirror, the 20-year-old actress divulged all on her latest storyline which also involves Emma Brooker.

It all started when Emma decided to give Faye some driving lessons after she admitted she was struggling to learn with Craig (Colson Smith).

However, Monday night’s episode of Corrie saw Faye knock down a pensioner in the street while behind the wheel and with Emma (Alexandra Mardell) beside her.

Corrie’s Faye Windass risks returning to prison as she keeps a tragic secret from boyfriend Craig Tinker

The duo made a pact to keep the accident a secret, but they later realise the old man is actually dead.

Asked how her character reacts to the news, Ellie said: “I think Faye’s first thought is, ‘oh my God I am going back to prison’.

“She is so worried about that she can’t even think about the fact they caused this man to die. I think that’s the overwhelming feeling. Then it’s what to do between her and Emma… they decide to keep it a secret.”

Faye is having a driving lesson with Emma Brooker when she accidentally knocks over a pensioner

Asked if keeping such a huge secret will ruin Faye and Emma’s friendship, Ellie replied: “I think it depends what happens. Emma and Faye have built a bond and they have gone through this traumatic event – it has happened to both of them.

“They’re strong but the pressure will build. There are difficult decisions to make – hopefully they will be all right together.”

However, serious problems could arise when Faye decides to keep the information from police officer Craig.

“I think she hates lying to Craig as he is a do-gooder and wants to do the right thing,” Ellie explained.

“If she did, she could be going back to prison and she had a hard time there. She knows lying is for the best to keep her and Emma out of prison.”

Emma and Faye decide to keep the accident a secret when they find out that the man actually died

Asked how Craig would react if he found out, Ellie continued: “I think over previous years, he has done everything to protect Faye – they put their relationship on hold so he could focus on his career.

“Because he does good, I think he would want to stand by Faye but he is also a police officer. It would be a very sticky situation.

“It could definitely unravel. Now the crutch is in the situation, it will be hard work – they know but Craig doesn’t. He will be asking questions and how it got to be in the flat.”

Will Craig uncover the truth? And if he does, will he choose his career over Faye?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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