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Veronica Forque tinha tudo to be —e tudo para não ser— cinema star. Died this second-fair at the age of 66 (completed no later than December 1), she continued to shine, despite the fact that this cinema did not demand so much of her work. More theater and television keep the actress present in the collective imaginary, which will keep beside the great comedians and the actresses that will face Spain in the 80s and 90s. sets. But for the same reason, I had certain reluctance in her future. Because she did not start cinema in her country’s films, now she had studied Dramatic Art and some Psychology (which she did not finish). As a tempo, her special physique, her unruly flowing hair and her talent for using an unmistakable voice in both comedy and drama to transform one of the most popular performers in Spain. She is one of the most awarded: together with Carmen Maura, she received the record number of Goya awards (four), which she achieved with just five nominations. And with Emma Suárez she also shares the honor of winning two Goya awards in the same edition.

Nesta second-feira, the National Police of Spain found the body of Forqué, who threw his own life in his house in Madrid, second police sources will confirm to EL PAÍS. A person calls for the emergency service at 12:49 (local time) to report an attempted suicide at a residence located at number 7 of Rua Víctor de la Serna. Officials for até or domicile, where we can only confirm to death.

His childhood passed between the halls of the Italian Liceu and the Retiro Park, since his family (his mother was the writer Carmen Vázquez-Vigo) lived only a few quarters away. She loved the visits she made every year to the Prado Museum, having her father as a guide. “My country loves painting. When he was a girl, he took me with my irmão and explained Brueghel and Bosch to us, but he especially discussed Goya [seu pai era de Zaragoza] and his last stage is so surreal. He was not a scholar and explained to us in his style, always wonderful. ” Vegetarian, lover of meditation, she passionately defended her profession, which she defined as: “O labor de ator tem a ver como o unconscious.” She said of herself: “I was very adventurous and outgoing. I knew what I wanted.”

Embora had começado no cinema em 1972 com My dear lady, by Jaime de Armiñán, and acted under the direction of his country, by Carlos Saura and by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, to cite three examples of filmmakers who helped in his ascending career, it was only in 1984, with What did you do to deserve this? by Pedro Almodóvar, which Verónica Forqué achieved popularity. After news of her death, Almodóvar’s producer El Deseo sent a message of dismay. “O vazio left in our lives and our cinema and unrecoverable. We lose an extraordinary actress and an irreplaceable person, with whom we have the honor of working and sharing life. Boa voyagem, Veronica.” With Almodóvar, she would also work in Bullfighter and um Kika.

For many years, For what benefited all his generation of directors with his talent. Com Fernando Trueba fez be unfaithful and don’t look with who and the year of lights (I am the first Goya); with Fernando Colomo appeared in get off the moor (the only time that it was indicated to the Goya and not levou) and the joyful life; with Basilio Martín Patino participated in the essential Madrid; with Manuel Gómez Pereira working in Pink sauce, Why do they call it love when they mean sex? and queens. With her husband of more than three decades, Manuel Iborra (with whom she had enormous performances), she filmed Virginia Club Orchestra, The time of happiness, Pepe Guindo, Clara and Elena and the silly lady. And with Luis García Berlanga, Moors and Christians. In the coming months, more than two films by Forqué will be released: A thousand miles from Christmasby Álvaro Fernández Armero, and mirror, mirror, by Marc Crehuet. As a dubber, she was voiced by Shelley Duvall in Spanish. Or Enlightened.

To actress Verónica Forqué, at dinner for the film 'Kika', in 1993.
To actress Verónica Forqué, at dinner for the film ‘Kika’, in 1993.

In an interview with EL PAÍS in April 2019in the theatrical promotion of The last white rhino, since he represented death, he commented that he knew that his star was turning off in the cinema, but, in compensation, he was going to enjoy the theater. “It is a fate that, when the actors are gaining years, they disappear from the cinema. There are many less interesting characters that we can offer you. It is true that something seems to be changing, especially with the rise of women rooters.” Naquele moment she finished rolling Vovó said do armárioby Àngeles Reiné, in the role of a man who decides to announce his gay marriage with his soul mate, a friend (Rosa María Sardá), in a Netflix series christmas days, with Charo López , Ángela Molina and Victoria Abril. “I went through a very strong depression for four years, and I went through isso no box. It was the theater that gave me life”, she said in the first semester of 2019. “It was the only two hours of the day in which I was short of everything. I’ve been happier no stage where I was. The theater forces you to evade your own reality because it requires enormous concentration, and that is wonderful. It is something very liberating”.

Prova dessa paixão was her Carmela in the first representation of ¡Ay Carmela!Of José Sanchis Sinisterra, ou as his appearances in the box with ¡Sublime decision!, get off the moor, Doña Rosita the single, the queen bee (2009) and Shirley Valentine (2011). Além disso, she directed various pieces of theater, such as a version of Or sin dwells by the side, adapted for a Madrid of 2000, or, in 2009, a montagem of adulteriesby Woody Allen.

Veronica Forqué and Manuel Galiana in 'Oh, Carmela!'  at the Figaro theater in Madrid, in 1988.
Veronica Forqué and Manuel Galiana in ‘Oh, Carmela!’ at the Figaro theater in Madrid, in 1988. Ricardo Gutierrez

On television now in series like Ramon y Cajal (1982), the garden of venus (1983), Broken plates (1988), Eve and Adam, wedding agency (1990-1991) and pepe and pepe (1995), directed by Manuel Iborra. Between 2014 and 2015 she participated in the eighth season of the fiction series. the one that is comingplaying the coadjuvant character of Teresa Sáenz de Tejada —a prefeita.

For decades, Forqué was one of the public’s most beloved actresses. “I know that people loved me. It is something that I highly value, that I take care of because it is a precious present. I am not a complicated person and I have a good character. It’s something I’ve been working on and it’s as people notam.”

Vanesa Romero, Eduardo Navarrete, Verónica Forqué, Miki Nadal and Samantha Hudson, are the stars of the sixth edition of the 'MasterChef Celebrity' program.
Vanesa Romero, Eduardo Navarrete, Verónica Forqué, Miki Nadal and Samantha Hudson, are the stars of the sixth edition of the ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ program.

From his long relationship with Manuel Iborra, who lasted until 2014 and who started to leave in 1981, he recalled: “He only discovered freedom when he was 59 years old. I left home for two more countries at the age of 21 and I always lived with someone, more recently as a country for my family until I separated. It has never tasted liberty. I certainly can’t do anything like that and spend my life asking for permission, which is something I talk about a lot with my psychopath. Now, I have a good life, I don’t have to discover gunpowder and fire or what I want. I’m happy. I don’t peço more than isso.” Iborra and Forqué are the country of María Forqué, artist known for her used and controversial work. “Before my maternal instinct, and being the most important thing that happened to me, I had the instinct to be an actress, to enjoy the creative part that we all carry within us”, said the actress.

The last appearance of the actress was in the culinary program of TVE Master Chef Celebrity, who decided to leave due to fatigue before being eliminated, two months ago: “The truth is that I am more or less. I need to rest. Not the last test of cuisine in fiquei equipment exhausted. Não sou de jogar a towel. But this time I need to be humble and say: ‘I don’t have more’, ”she declared in a brief return to the program, not to participate, but to say goodbye to the public.

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