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The Portuguese edition of EL PAÍS bids farewell to its readers. This edition was born in 2013 and for eight years it informed about the Brazilian and world news. This time, despite having reached large audiences and a considerable number of digital recruiters, it did not reach its economic sustainability, or it led to a decision due to its discontinuity.

O EL PAÍS, which maintains correspondents in São Paulo, has a more extensive network of journalists on the continent. From its writing in the City of Mexico, two desks in Washington, Bogotá and Buenos Aires and from its journalists in the main capitals, to the edition of THE COUNTRY America offers a more complete coverage in Spanish of the area. An effort that will be expanded in the coming months and not which day will concentrate its energies.

We want to thank the professionals of EL PAÍS Brazil for their great effort and dedication. As well as the fidelity of our readers, who will be able to accompany information about the region or the rest of the world in our edition of America. For this newspaper, Brazil is a world that gives global information, not only politically and economically, but also not culturally and socially.

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