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Apple today announced a new iPhone SEits most economical and compact model, which includes for the first time 5G connectivity and the A15 Bionic chip, the same as its flagship terminal, the iPhone 13, which allows it to reach speeds up to 1.8 times higher than those of the iPhone 8. The company claimed that it is the fastest chip in a smartphone.

The terminal, with a 4.7-inch screen, has “the most resistant glass in a smartphone”, according to Apple, and includes the home button with Touch ID. The mobile, which can be reserved from March 11 and will be on sale from March 18, It will be available with 64, 128 and 256 GB. Its price will start from 429 dollars, slightly above the previous model, which cost 399 dollars. In Spain part of the 529 euros compared to 489 euros of its predecessor.

“Is [un modelo] important for those users who want a smaller iPhone and great value”, said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple during the presentation.

“As iPhone users keep their phone for more than 2.5 years, including 5G capability is an attractive feature for them to upgrade their old iPhone 4G,” analyst Neil Shah of Counterpoint Research told Reuters.

The new Mac Studio

The new Mac Studio

The new iPhone SE, which also has an improved camera (including a 12 Megapixel wide angle) and more autonomy, it is the first update of the model in two years. Cook recognized that this terminal has allowed them to grow a lot in market share, and analysts believe that it can continue like this. According to Angelo Zino of CFRA Research, it appeals to “first-time buyers in the iPhone ecosystem.”

IDC indicated that the US, Japan and Western Europe have been the main markets for iPhone SE sales in recent years and expect them to remain so after this new launch. IDC analyst Ryan Reith expects the new iPhone SE to account for 10% of global iPhone shipments upon release.

In addition to the iPhone, the company introduced a new iPad Air, with Apple’s M1 chip, which increases its performance, and with 5G connectivity. Its price starts at 849 euros (679 euros for Wifi models). The terminal, available on the same dates as the new iPhone SE, is offered with 64 and 256 GB, and six colors.

It also announced a new chip called M1 Ultra that improves the performance of its Mac computers. As he explained, it is the company’s most powerful chip to date (eight times faster than the M1) and is made by connecting two M1 Max chips. With their 20 CPU cores plus 64 GPU cores, promises more performance with lower power consumption.

New iPad Airs.

New iPad Airs.

To house the new chip, Apple also introduced an entirely new Mac, the desktop Mac Studio. The team, one of the surprises of the event, will be available in two versions, one with the M1 Max chip and one with the new Ultra. The latter is 80% faster than the MacBook Pro. The first model starts at 2,329 euros and the second, at 4,629 euros.

According to the company, the computer, which adopts a format similar to the well-known Mac Mini, includes sophisticated cooling technology to prevent overheating problems. The equipment is ultra compact: it is 9.5 centimeters high by 19.7 wide and long, and its connectivity options allow you to connect up to four Mac Studio Display monitors and a Smart TV.

Apple has also announced the new StudioDisplay monitorwhich can be paired with any Mac. The screen It is 27 inches with 5K resolution. Its price starts at 1,779 euros. Like the rest of the products, it will be ready for reservation this Friday and will be sold from March 18.

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