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Four days after ordering two private school officials to be immunized, or New York prefect, Bill de Blasio, imposed in his last month he did not charge a reviravolta in the questão da vacina obrigatoriety. The current president, who will be replaced on January 1st by Eric Adams, announced this second-fair to compulsory immunity in all private companies in the city. As it was endowed with Justice frozen, last week, the implementation of the test and vaccination requirement for companies with 100 or more employees, which had been established by the Government of President Joe Biden in his intense and active policy against the pandemic .

De Blasio based on his decision not to increase the risk of the micron variant, at a time close to the Natal festivities, there was no effect of cold and the transmission of the flu in parallel, more to the inertia of two infections by the delta variant. I prefer to believe it to measure, first of all in the country and that will enter into force on December 27, as a “preventive attack” to further contain a wave of coronavirus infections and mitigate to the maximum the community transmission of the new variant, given which eight cases were detected in the city this weekend.

About ômicron, cause for concern, but not panic, second to Casa Branca, or head of the presidential medical team, Anthony Fauci, managed to reassure the markets —which will open this second-fair at high— to affirm not Sunday that the preliminary data about the doença caused by this variant são animadores. In declarations to CNN, the epidemiologist affirmed that the first indications suggest that it would be less dangerous than delta, which continues to represent 99% of two cases and is causing or increasing hospitalizations.

“Até now, it does not seem to have a very high degree of gravity,” said Fauci on Sunday. “But we have to be very careful before establishing that it is less serious, or that it does not cause a serious injury compared to a delta.” The official doctor of Casa Branca also left an open door to suspend the travel restrictions imposed on eight countries in South Africa, according to the evolving situation.

As for the obligation of vaccination in the private sector in New York, it is estimated that those affected will not facilitate things for De Blasio, given or set back by the federal justice measure of the Biden Administration. Private schools, mainly religious, reacted with irritation to compulsory vaccination. Leaders of Jewish and Catholic schools will ask de Blasio to reconsider his decision, which affects 930 locals and about 56,000 workers. According to the municipal government, it is time until the 20th to receive hair less a dose of the vaccine against covid-19.

“This is an area in which the Government [municipal] I should use persuasion, not coercion”, regrets not being asked by Rabbi David Zwiebel, representative of an association of Jewish and Christian institutions. Many congregations refuse to join the vaccination for religious reasons. The remnants of ultra-orthodox Jews in the city have vaccination taxes that revolve around 50%.

The teachers and other workers of the public schools are forced to vaccinate, without legal controversies and resistance from two unions, and it is estimated that more than 95% of the employees of the Department of Education are immunized. I prefer to have resisted in establishing compulsory requirements for students, as other cities of the country have. De Blasio decreed, however, that the rules of access to restaurants and laser points are also imposed on minors between 5 and 11 years of age.

De Blasio also called on New Yorkers to wear masks in dated environments, something that is not strictly followed —many passageiros do not meter or customers in supermarkets disregard the recommendation— and he returned to compulsory vaccination for children’s education. All public officials of the city, including police and firefighters, are also theoretically required to vaccinate. Immunization taxes between these corporations will skyrocket in recent weeks.

Nearly 90% of two adults in the city will receive less than one dose of the vaccine, but as of December 27, during the New Year’s Eve festivities, it will be mandatory to have two doses for access to the interior of restaurants, theaters or academies . The number of cases multiplied exponentially in the city since November 1, with an increase of more than 75% and an average of 1,500 infections per day, according to the Municipal Health Department. In relation to the micron variant, the health authorities tracked down two participants in a super contagious event, an anime convention, which brought together 53,000 people in three days on the last weekend of November.

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