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Jair Bolsonaro during the ceremony of the International Day Against Corruption 2021, in Brasília, on December 9
Jair Bolsonaro during the ceremony of the International Day Against Corruption 2021, in Brasília, on December 9ADRIANO MACHADO (Reuters)

Representing two more authoritarian and anti-democratic governments in favor of the Cupula for Democracy, or President Jair Bolsonaro ignored, in his speech at an event promoted by North American President Joe Biden, the systematic attacks on human rights, the press and Brazilian institutions , fundais à saúde do democratic State of right.

The Brazilian State Chef defended his alleged commitment to human rights, praising the work of the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, led by Damares Alves. Meanwhile, they have acted strongly in foreign policy to go back on the agenda of gender and two sexual and reproductive rights, despite the fact that the president himself has decided to defend human rights “without any form of discrimination”.

Contrary to countries that exalt in their speeches the importance of the free and independent press, Bolsonaro highlighted the relevance of all of us expressing their opinions on the Internet. In September, the president presented a draft law in the National Congress that aims to hinder or combat the exclusion of false news on social networks. The project later saw the Executive’s attempt to change the Civil Framework of the Internet by means of a Provisional Measure, returned by the Federal Senate and barred by the Federal Supreme Court for being considered unconstitutional.

In his speech, Bolsonaro still praises the work of the federal government in the “transparent and responsible” public administration. Just in the last few months, his government increased the secrecy decree to official documents of the federal government; negotiated for more than 30 times press information about visits to the Planalto, despite the decision of the Controller General of the Union; and directed its ministries to omit information requested via the Access to Information Law (LAI).

This important Brazilian law and fundamental transparency mechanism that has just completed 10 years has never been so threatened by this government. In 2019, an Executive Decree attempted to increase the range of authorities that could decree a maximum degree of secrecy for documents requested via LAI. Or decree was overthrown by Congress.

It does not fight the pandemic, and it is important to do the deliberate work of the Ministry of Health not to turn off the data on Covid-19 —which was only possible to be resumed by the work of the vehicle consortium of the same press that Bolsonaro systematically insists on attacking .

Participation in the Summit convened by Biden presumes adherence to common commitments in promoting the strengthening of democracy both at domestic and international levels by the participants of the event. At this time, we do not know what specific proposals have been sent by the Bolsonaro government, but what will be the measures adopted to strengthen democracy in the country and the mechanisms to support these proposals and social participation in the scope of their implementation. In order to exalt both transparency, or Itamaraty should have disclosed or document sent to or found.

It is not an international opportunity for Bolsonaro to participate in the most important recent world event on the defense of democracy. It was, in reality, more a moment of exposure and international constrangimento of the Brazilian president. The international community accompanies and is well informed about the attacks of his government against human rights, socio-environmental protections and offensive against democratic institutions. This participation today should serve as a new alert to countries committed to democratic values ​​that Brazil, unfortunately, demands redoubled attention given the constant attacks suffered by our democracy.

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