Ômicron x Réveillon: Rio banking cliffs on the bypass and keep the party going on the Copacabana shore | News

Fogos na Praia do Flamengo, not Rio de Janeiro, in the year 2019 turned to 2020.
Fogos na Praia do Flamengo, not Rio de Janeiro, in the year 2019 turned to 2020.Antonio Lacerda (EFE)

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The celebration of Réveillon in Rio de Janeiro will have burning fires on Copacabana beach —more than no shows— and in other nine points of the city, informed this fifth-feira or city mayor, Eduardo Paes (PSD). “What we are going to do is a simpler version of the Reveillon, with fireworks seen from different parts of the city, to avoid dislocations and crowds in Copacabana,” Paes affirmed in a collective interview. A confirmation will take place after nine days and we will see the conflict of decisions about the realization of the New Year, between the prefecture or the Government of the State. On December 1st, the scientific committee that guides the governor Claudio Castro recommended the suspension of the Reveillon, contrary to the municipal scientific committee. Three days later, Paes announced on Twitter that the Copacabana party would be cancelled, but on the last quarter-fair (12/07), Castro announced that it would be held with a traditional burning of fires, despite the cancellation of the show schedule.

The artifice fires will illuminate the Copacabana sky for 16 minutes, and the beach will have 25 towers with music. Access to the neighborhood will be blocked from 7:00 p.m. on December 31 —workers and residents will be able to enter the region at 10:00 p.m., upon presentation of proof of residence— and there will be no special public transport scheme (metro and buses will not work at dawn) . Other traffic measures will be adopted to restrict the entry of chartered buses into the city from 9:00 a.m. on December 30. Paes also reported that, during the celebration, there will be health posts on the beach to vaccinate against covid-19 those who still do not receive the first or second dose of the immunizer, but do not provide details on this operation.

I prefer to point out that Rio de Janeiro is experiencing “a differentiated moment”, with a low number of hospitalizations (0.4% of occupancy in the ICU, according to the Municipal Health Secretary) and deaths from covid-19. “The population will be safe in any place in the city of Rio de Janeiro. We are doing everything that science has determined, we are based on the scientific committee, made up of specialists from universities and the Ministry of Health”, argued Paes, adding: “It takes a week or the scientific committee of the prefecture of dissertation that we cannot do, I’m mute de novo. We are going to respect the opinion of science, always”.

99.9% of the population of Rio de Janeiro over 18 years of age have taken at least one dose or a single dose of the vaccine against covid-19 and 95.2% of this age group will take both doses, more than the city is facing an influenza pandemic (or flu virus) —between the end of October and the beginning of December, there was a rise of 71% in cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), according to the InfoGripe Bulletin, da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz)— and, of According to the Municipal Secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz, the stock of vaccines against influenza of the State is closed.

“What we suggest, obviously, is that the people who are teaching stay at home. It is necessary to follow those advices of vovó, take chazinho, do not walk barefoot at home, stepping on not much cold”, said Paes. Asked if, even without musical presentations, the festival will not create agglomerations, or the prefect affirmed that “agglomeration in Copacabana is not prohibited” and that the municipal scientific committee said that it could have shows —Paes revealed that Anitta would be one of the attractions—, rather than The State Scientific Committee reported that it would not release the presentations. “I am not a negationist, I am not a Bolsonarist, I lost my country for this shit, dessa doença, but I am selling everyone without a mask, everyone is going to bar and restaurant, and people are wanting to live a fantasy. I also do not understand why it is possible to crowd on Saturday, not on Sunday, not on Maracanã, and we cannot not Réveillon”, he affirmed.


Eduardo Paes did not mention (and was not questioned about) or the cliff that the micron variant of the coronavirus could represent at the New Year’s Eve parties. Specialists heard by EL PAÍS affirm that, now or now, be cautious, there is no reason to “desperate” and emphasize that the current epidemiological data from Brazil reveals a favorable scenario, with the national average of daily cases of covid-19 under two 10,000 eo number of deaths down from 200 every 24 hours. For Margareth Dalcolmo, pneumologist and researcher at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), the suspension or holding of two end-of-the-year events regardless of the arrival of the new variant in Brazil. “It’s more of a question of political decision,” she says. “Thus vaccines continue to be able to protect against this variant, even if it is a little less. What the studies indicate, in truth, is that a third dose increases protection against the variants of Sars-Cov-2, becoming more and more a virus that tends to be like the flu, against or which population is it will vacinate with certain periodicity, but without a pandemic character”, I concluded.

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