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Since he seized power in his country two decades ago, Vladimir Putin has sought to develop a political project that goes beyond the borders of his state. The Russian world, always present in the Kremlin’s speeches, encompasses many territories over which the president establishes his area of ​​influence, either tacitly, with specific support; or explicitly, with military interventions. In recent decades, there have been numerous examples of this, and the invasion of Ukraine represents the latest and most brutal episode.

In the video analysis that accompanies this news, Andrea Rizzi, correspondent for global affairs at EL PAÍS, details what this vision of the world that flies over all the projects of the Russian president consists of. Among other things, she discusses which countries have been at the forefront of the Kremlin’s interests in recent years and which are its new targets today, organized into different circles of influence based on geographical proximity and strategic importance. The relationship of these countries with NATO is also key to understanding the limits of their actions.

In some cases, as is the case, for example, in Latin American countries, relations with Putin seem especially complex. Despite the latest approaches between different territorial leaders, the position adopted in the face of the military offensive of the last week has cooled communication between them, and the outcome of the conflict unleashed in Ukraine will largely determine the international framework that will dominate the post-war scenario . The Russian leader does not give up on gaining control or the support of key countries on the five continents and, as Rizzi develops in his analysis, he is willing to explore how far he is capable of going in his company.

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