War between Madonna and rapper 50 Cent: he compares her to a witch, she accuses her of being sexist and macho | Culture

A battle has lasted for days, but now it seems that it is definitely going to war. The singer Madonna and the rapper 50 Cent will decide to open a harsh confrontation on social networks, where they exchange insults, mutual accusations and bitter apologies. The level of aggression rose when a rainha do critical pop or musician num video of more than two minutes in his Instagram profile.

It all started at the end of November, when Madonna published a series of portraits of herself in bed, posing as calcinha, meia-calça and jumping high in an erotic attitude. The rapper 50 Cent, 46, decided days later that he had stopped at the time of launching various messages on social networks attacking the singer, 63. He began to mix with Madonna on Twitter, stating that she was fazi to name “Bruxa Má do Oeste ” do film O Wizard of Oz —specifically, a dinner where a bed fell on her. “There is Madonna numa bed tempting fazer Like a Virgin years 63″, zombou or rapper. After the criticism for free attack, he decided to turn off the comments.

Madonna, very active on social media, decided a few days, at the beginning of December, to post an old photo of both of them in their Instagram Stories (it’s not original, and it’s just retouched) saying that the rapper was simply “taking care” of her for not being able to have as much fun as the singer in her life. “And here is 50 Cent trying to be my friend. So now you decided to talk bad about me! I suppose that in your new career you try to call attention humiliating others in social networks. It is the least accurate decision that you could make, as an artist and as an adult person”, answers Madonna. Hours later, he apologized stating on Twitter that he had hurt her feelings, something that he “had no intention” of doing. He explained that he had not obtained “nenhum benefício” with this request: “I hope you can accept my apologies.”

Madonna did not make a statement in the following days. On the night of Sexta-Feira, therefore, he published on his Instagram profile (with more than 17 thousand followers) a video in the foreground —with a powerful filter that makes it look like an animated drawing or a boneca— for more than two minutes in which he tries to disassemble Curtis James Jackson, as a rapper he is really called.

“I want to respond to your response to my response to my post. Basically, you tried to embarrass me, humiliate me, your apology is false, it’s a piece of shit and it’s not worth it”, Madonna blurted out, without my words. Immediately, she went on to dismantle the reasons why the attempt at forgiveness would not be real. Among other things, the star says that “an apology is not worth it if you don’t know why you are excusing yourself.” “You should be apologizing for your misogynist, sexist and idiosyncratic behavior,” he told the singer, saying that he did not take it as a personal attack.

to interpreter of Material Girl He also refuted the idea put forward by 50 Cent that he did not benefit from these comments and the controversy, implying that, not counting the accounts, the networks are just more of an advertising platform for any artist. De facto, both would return to being sob os holophotes because of the controversy. “Of course you benefited. This is the dynamic of social networks. You understand, right? We post things about ourselves and use Instagram and other social networks because we want attention, we want people to buy our products, we want people to invest in our brand, to listen to our music, to frequent our shows, we want people to love us Madonna said. “There is nothing wrong with isso, but don’t be fooled. It is said that you have an account on Instagram and do not benefit from it, date, stop lying to yourself.”

Lastly, the singer or accused of publishing content alheio “to embarrass and humiliate other people, and isso uma merda”. “I forgive you and I hope that one day you wake up and have a different point of view. Wish or better for you ”, she concluded.

The rapper did not return to render the matter at the moment. For this reason, it is not known if this will be the last exchanged message or if the war is long over.

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