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The digital transformation is being so accelerated that it is difficult to know where the keys to customer behavior are, where expectations are moving, how consumers participate in the different channels or what data is important in the online world. Offering the most complete information possible to companies in this field is, today, vital.

This is the intention of the report State of Digital Trendsin format e book, a compilation of the main conclusions of the studies that Salesforce Research has carried out in the last year and a half. The report highlights three trends: how the digital connection with customers has evolved, the value of data and the situation that companies are experiencing due to lack of training and digital skills.

Salesforce’s vice president of sales, Pablo Rodríguez Añino, declares that, since the Covid-19 pandemic began and the limitation of personal contact with customers, “brands have adapted to this situation by adding or expanding digital experiences and we have all learned from abrupt way the true meaning of digital transformation“.

Thus, “the professionals and technicians of companies, especially those oriented to the client such as sales, marketing, services or online commerce, have had to increase their skills and knowledge in the last two years and more than half of them indicate that the The pandemic has revealed both technological and skill deficiencies,” adds the Salesforce executive.

Connected clients

Rodríguez Añino highlights that “digital, with the capacity offered by the use of data analysis, allows us to better understand customer behavior and preferences and offer more personalized experiences. And it is a vicious circle: the customer who is now used to those individualized experiences have higher and higher expectations. Experiences that are valid both in B2B trade, between companies, and in B2C, between companies and final consumers.

A fact that State of Digital Trends reveals, as a result of a survey of 15,000 consumers around the world, is that almost 7 out of 10 of them expect companies to offer a renewed digital version of their products and services after what happened with the pandemic.

Likewise, the value of the service is evident, since 78% of the respondents affirm that they are willing to overlook any deficiency if the customer service is of quality. “Today the experience is as important as the products“, explains Pablo Rodríguez Añino.

self service

If value is given to service, self-service takes on special importance. The report State of Digital Trends exposes that 78% of professionals claim to have observed an increase in self-service tools such as chatbots. “This shows that companies must develop a true omnichannel strategy, in which the experience is fluid and consistent regardless of the channel that customers want to use,” says Salesforce’s vice president of sales.


The digital trend is such that, after interviewing more than 8,200 marketing specialists to learn about the situation in this field, 66% of these professionals expect revenue growth, an increase that has been occurring since 2021.

One aspect that gives an idea of ​​the transformation that has taken place is that 75% of marketers declare that they now work and collaborate from anywhere.

Data and privacy

Pablo Rodríguez Añino stresses that “data is the key to generating new experiences. They must be uniform across all channels, but they must also be protected and their use must be transparent and based on consent.” “The security and privacy of data is today one of the first priorities of companies,” he concludes.

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