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The start of the 2022 Income Tax return campaign, corresponding to fiscal year 2021, is just around the corner. It starts next April 6 and runs until June 30, but it is already possible to access tax data directly through the Tax Agency website.

Taxpayers who want to check their tax information can do so from the website at Access Income 2021. Once inside, in the section Featured management you have to click the link tax data. This is useful information that appears in the Treasury, such as the fiscal domicile, bank accounts, salary, donations, economic activities or the contribution system. Being able to see it before making the declaration allows you to check if there are any errors or if everything is correct.

In order to view them, you must identify yourself and there are three ways: the electronic DNI, the [email protected] PIN or the reference number.

1. Certificate or electronic ID

The electronic certificate is a digital signature that is installed in the browser to guarantee identity on the Internet. With the electronic certificate or DNI, procedures can be carried out from the computer, mobile device or tablet at the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency.

The new DNI incorporate electronic certificates. With these electronic certificates you can carry out any procedure with the Tax Agency that requires your identification.

2. [email protected] PIN

If you opt for the [email protected] PIN, then you must first enter the DNI/NIE. Then the validity date is requested.

The [email protected] PIN is a system aimed at unifying and simplifying electronic access to public services. First you have to register in the system online with an electronic certificate or DNI, online through an invitation letter (if you don’t have one, you can request it and once received you must register in [email protected] using the Secure Verification Code that appears in the letter and providing the mobile phone number and email address) or at the offices of the Tax Agency.

Once the registration has been made, or if it is already registered, then the [email protected] PIN can be requested each time a procedure is to be carried out on the Tax Agency Portal. It can also be obtained from your mobile by downloading the app [email protected] PIN on Android or iOS. “If it is obtained from the app, when obtaining a new one through the browser, it will revoke the previous one, so you have to identify yourself again on the mobile device. Only the last reference generated will be valid, either through the app or from the website”, they explain from Bankinter.

If you use [email protected] PIN, you should know that from the moment the PIN is requested until it is used, no more than 10 minutes can pass, otherwise the PIN expires and it is necessary to request another. Also, it can only be used once.

3. Reference number

In case of using the reference number, which is an authentication and identification system that allows management and procedures to be carried out during the Income campaign, it is necessary to have the income for the year 2020 at hand. You also have to first enter the DNI/NIE and then the validity date.

The amount of the box 505 of the 2020 Income tax return. If the taxpayer had not filed an Income tax return in 2020 or the result of box 505 had been equal to zero, they must have the IBAN number of a bank account in which they appear as the owner.

The Tax Agency gives the option of clicking ‘I don’t have a reference’ to obtain a new one.

Tax data can also be consulted via mobile with the Tax Agency App.

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