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Axesor is dead. Long live Trinity. After the sale of the two main business legs of the company from Granada: the commercial information of companies and the rating agency, Santiago Martín, owner together with the family office Deluna Capital has decided to face the future through Atlax 360, a credit risk management business, and Trinios, a fintech recently created that markets credit insurance by operation and that from April will offer pre-granted loans of up to 100,000 euros to small and medium-sized companies thanks to technology big data.

“The ability to grow Axesor was limited. The opportunity was a consolidation of the commercial information market at a national and European level. We tried, but no luck; we couldn’t form a bigger company. Then we saw the interest that there was from some multinationals and we decided to put the company up for sale”, explains Martín. Last year Experian and Qivalio acquired the two best-known business branches of Axesor, with billings of 25 and 2 million euros, respectively, in two operations whose amount they have not disclosed. And they stayed with Atlax 360, a platform to which some 2,000 large companies are connected and has revenues of 5.5 million euros; “the project we had with the greatest capacity for growth”.

The pretty girl joins him: Trinios. The CEO of Atlax 360 knows that the biggest concern of SMEs, after attracting customers, is to obtain financing. “Small businesses are looking for a quick response to finance their cash flow peaks, they can’t wait. It is important that there are more options than traditional banking, which does not cover the demand of micro-SMEs or companies in financial difficulties. In fact, what SMEs are most interested in is having alternative financing channels and we are one of them”, he assures. “Our advantage is that in just two clicks we will make the money available to the customer because we are able to quickly assess the risk of an invoice being paid or not through our advanced technology. On the other hand, our competitors, the traditional financial entities and the companies of factoring, much longer and more tedious processes follow. What we are going to do is factoringgive credit according to the guarantee of the invoices immediately, “says the executive.

The company has invested more than 80 million euros in developing the technology that will make pre-granted loans possible, as well as in automating all the processes of both platforms and in tackling its international expansion. It will offer loans under competitive conditions, says Martín, at prices between 4% and 5% and insured by Munich Re. They hope to get some 2,500 SMEs in their first year of life.

Santiago Martín, CEO of Atlax 360 and Trinios.
Santiago Martín, CEO of Atlax 360 and Trinios.

The manager believes that the risk management business will pick up with the uncertainty associated with the pandemic and the new economic situation generated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And although ICO credits have meant that companies have not had major default problems after covid, this year these loans will have to be repaid and companies will have difficulty paying and delinquencies will increase. “There will be a significant number of defaults,” predicts Martin.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.



Atlax 360 is present in Portugal, Chile, Colombia and Peru and this year it wants to reach Mexico. To later be introduced in Brazil, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Its CEO maintains that they are looking for partners to undertake their international expansion, whether they are venture capital funds or industrial companies with which to sign joint venture. It expects contributions of between 25 and 50 million euros.

The roadmap that the company has set is to reach a turnover of 12 million euros in 2022, to exceed 20 million a year later. “We are going to reinvest our profits in this very high-growth project that implies a very strong investment in technology and expansion by country,” says Martín, owner, along with other employees, of 10% of the shares of Atlax 360 not controlled by the family office. The company has a workforce of 230 people, of which 170 are in Spain.

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