Video analysis | Who are the mercenaries who defend Putin under the name ‘Wagner’? | Videos

The military offensive launched against Ukraine by the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, on February 24, has acquired global dimensions practically from the beginning. There are many actors involved in the development of the conflict, either directly or indirectly. Among those who actively participate are foreign soldiers, volunteers or mercenaries that the Kremlin has been recruiting to fight in its ranks and achieve a total occupation of the neighboring territory as quickly as possible.

In the video analysis that accompanies this piece of news, the correspondent for EL PAÍS in Africa, José Naranjo, analyzes the role of the group of mercenaries known as Wagner, present in various territories of the African continent and largely responsible for the instability of many of those countries, such as Burkina Faso or Mali, from which France decided to leave last February.

“They are a kind of shadowy armed wing of Russian foreign policy,” Naranjo explains in the video. Who are they? Who is in charge of the group? Where do they recruit their members? Have they managed to destabilize governments? Are they operating in Ukraine? Video analysis answers all these questions from the continent where these mercenaries have been most active in recent years. The Wagner group connects the war in Ukraine with the conflict in Mali or the revolts in Burkina Faso. From the greatest secrecy, opacity and covert actions, the video explains how the mercenaries are carrying out orders that benefit the Kremlin’s strategy in the world.

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