Ford Almussafes proposes a new ERTE due to instability in the arrival of supplies | Valencian Community

The management of Ford Almussafes has raised this Monday with the unions the need to apply a new Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) during the second quarter of the year, with a duration of 15 days, for vehicle and engine plants. The shortage in the supply of semiconductor components and microchips is the reason for this new ERTE, the second so far this year.

In an urgent meeting called at noon this Monday, the company has informed the unions that the instability in the supply of semiconductors and components continues, for which it considers it necessary to present a new file for this second quarter for 4,764 workers.

. The first, which expires on the 31st, had the same characteristics: strikes for 15 days distributed up to, as reported by the UGT, the majority union, in a statement. In fact, this Monday the factory had stopped with regard to the production of vehicle assembly within the ERTE that it maintains in force and of which only one day of application remains, next Thursday, March 31. Before that, the Valencian factory had another ERTE in force in the last semester of last year. That was also motivated by the lack of these components, a problem after the pandemic that affected the world industry.

The union organization has announced that this Tuesday it will agree with the management on the new ERTE for the next quarter, “provided that the current conditions remain intact” and has justified the measure “given the situation of uncertainty caused by the semiconductor crisis and the instability in the supply chain”. The secretary of the Company Committee and spokesman for the UGT, José Luis Parra, has indicated that with this new negotiation, it is understood that the current ERTE will be abolished and the pending day will not be applied.

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