The White House anticipates that the US and European allies will agree to new sanctions against Russia | International

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan during Tuesday's press conference at the White House.
National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan during Tuesday’s press conference at the White House.Patrick Semansky (AP)

On the eve of United States President Joe Biden traveling to Europe this Thursday to discuss in Brussels the responses to Russia’s unjustified attack on Ukraine, the White House announced on Tuesday that it will announce, together with its allies, new sanctions against Ukraine. the Kremlin. Although he did not want to go into details or specify the new nature of the punishments, the National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, has assured that it will be “an additional package” that will materialize in “a joint effort to end the evasion of sanctions ” by any country that helps Russia “undermine, weaken or circumvent” those penalties.

Hours later, the US press specified, citing the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, that the new reprisals will affect “more than 300 members of the Duma”, the Russian lower house. The United States has already included 12 of them in a previous round of sanctions, but this time the punishment will go further, according to sources cited by New York Times.

In Brussels, Biden will participate on Thursday in an extraordinary NATO summit, which will include, among others, the French president, Emmanuel Macron; the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and the Italian prime minister, Mario Draghi. She will also join the first session of the European Council that will bring together the leaders of the 27 EU states on Thursday and Friday in Brussels. The premiere British, Boris Johnson, will be the only one of the allies who will not be present. The Democratic president, who is attending as a guest, will also attend a meeting of the G-7. On Friday and Saturday he will travel to Poland, where he will have a brief meeting with his counterpart, Andrzej Duda.

The usual White House press conference in which Sullivan appeared took place this Tuesday by the deputy press secretary, Chris Meagher, who replaced Jen Psaki, since she has tested positive for coronavirus in the test that was carried out on her. ahead of the trip to Europe. Biden tested negative, both on Monday and this Tuesday. The National Security Adviser told reporters that, in his opinion, the fight in Ukraine will not end easily or quickly. “Hard days lie ahead” for the Ukrainian population, Sullivan warned.

This Thursday marks a month since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began and the fear of the use of chemical and biological weapons by Russia has been present since the White House sounded all the alarms on March 9 by warning that Vladimir Putin could make use of them. Biden again insisted on Monday night the existence of such a threat. The Democrat considered that it was something “obvious” and that, if it occurred, the response from the West would be very harsh. “He is cornered,” Biden said in reference to Putin.

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It was Moscow that propagandistically spread information, described as “false” by the US government, about the existence of alleged US laboratories of this type of weaponry in Ukraine. “He is also suggesting that Ukraine has chemical and biological weapons in the country. That is a clear sign that he [Putin] is considering using both types of weapons,” Biden stressed. The US president emphasized once again that the consequences would be “very serious on the part of the united front of NATO” if that were to happen, although he did not specify what actions the Atlantic Alliance would carry out.

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