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Three months later, fuel prices have dropped again. It is a small reduction that, when filling the deposit, would be noticed in just a few euros. But, even so, it is the first time that the amounts have dropped since last December 20, when they began an escalation that has led gasoline to beat its historical record for seven consecutive weeks. There has not been an eighth: this week a liter of 95-octane gasoline, including taxes, is paid on average in Spain at 1,813 euros, 1.7% less than last week. In the case of diesel, which had held a record for five weeks, it also fell by 1.1% compared to seven days ago and stands at an average of 1,798 euros, always according to data from the latest European Union Oil Bulletin, published this Thursday.

Despite the good news for many consumers, the relief is still very light compared to all that fuel prices have risen, the origin of the strike that thousands of carriers have supported and that is putting other sectors in check. The current average prices of gasoline and diesel are still the second most expensive in history, only below those of seven days ago. With respect to the week of December 20, when the current episode of increases began, gasoline is 23% more expensive (then it was paid at 1,476 euros per liter) and diesel fuel has risen even more: 34% (in December was paid at 1,344 euros per liter). And, in a historical context, even then prices were high because of mismatches between oil demand and supply. The reactivation of the economies after the first months of the pandemic caused a growth in the demand for crude oil to which the producing countries did not respond in the same proportion, raising international prices. And, to this, the growing geopolitical tensions have been added in recent times, which culminated a month ago with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the world’s third largest producer of crude oil.

Transferred to what it means to fill a medium-sized tank (55 liters), both in a gasoline and diesel vehicle, refueling would cost less than 100 euros this week: 99.74 euros in the first case, and 98.89 euros in the second. The savings are minimal in both situations (1.72 euros and 1.07 euros, respectively), compared to seven days ago. While compared to the week of December 20, going to the gas station to fill a medium tank has become more expensive by almost 25 euros for diesel cars and 18.5 euros for gasoline.

In the European context, however, Spanish prices are still below both the community average (1,950 euros per liter of gasoline and 1,939 euros for diesel), as well as the eurozone average (2,044 euros for gasoline) and 2,001 euros per liter. the diesel). 12 countries of the Twenty-seven exceed the average amounts of Spain in gasoline, with the Netherlands (2,288 euros) in the lead. The cheapest gasoline this week is from Hungary (1,281 euros). In the case of diesel, 16 EU countries exceed Spanish prices. Sweden (2,475 euros) is the most expensive and Malta (1,210 euros), the cheapest.

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Although the price they pay is not the same as individual consumers, high fuel prices have put some economic sectors in serious economic trouble. The carriers, who have been on strike for two weeks since they were called by the Platform in Defense of the Freight Transport Sector, are this Thursday awaiting the meeting between the Ministry of Transport and the National Committee for Road Transport (the ministry has not called the Platform for not considering it a legitimate representative of the sector). In the case of the fishermen, for whom the diesel bill accounts for more than half of the production costs, according to the main associations, this Thursday they have gone out to fish again. This Wednesday, the Ministry of Agriculture promised them aid to alleviate the fuel bill, which will be specified in the Council of Ministers next week, along with the rest of the measures that the Government is preparing to alleviate the crisis caused by energy prices. .

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