Repsol, Cepsa and BP: The transporters’ strike unleashes a price war between the oil companies | Economy

The strike of the carriers that began on the 14th has unleashed a price war between the big oil companies. On Thursday it was Repsol that announced a drop of 10 euro cents per liter in the price of its fuels to those professional customers who pay with the Solred card at its more than 3,300 service stations in Spain. This Friday Cepsa has joined with a discount also of 10 cents per liter in each refueling, both for individuals and professionals. Shortly after, BP has also announced discounts of up to 14 cents per liter for professional carriers and up to 12 for individuals.

With these added discounts for carriers, sources in the sector assure that it can be assumed that fleets of carriers that already enjoy more discounts will be sold promptly at a loss. These initiatives come while the Government is negotiating to subsidize part of the price of diesel to truckers to stop the strike, a discount in which a part will be assumed by the companies.

Repsol has also extended for more than two months, until June 30, the price drop of 10 cents per liter on all its fuels for private customers who pay with the Waylet application. This initiative was launched on March 16 and although initially it was to be in force until April 18, coinciding with the end of Easter, Repsol has decided to extend it.

Cepsa’s discount, as reported by the company, is not conditional on future refueling or any means of payment. And it is accessible to all users at the 1,500 service stations that the company has in Spain between April 1 and June 30. This is added to other current promotions and discounts, so private customers can access savings of up to 25 cents per liter, according to Cepsa. In the case of professionals, this new discount is also added to the commercial discounts they already have. “All agents, public and private, must join forces to face the exceptional moment we are experiencing as a result of the complex international situation,” said Maarten Wetselaar, CEO of Cepsa, in the company’s statement.

With BP, the discount reaches up to 14 cents per liter for professional carriers, although in this case it will not be cumulative for fleets that already have a Routex card with which they have an agreed discount. For individuals, the promotion discounts 12 cents per liter for those who pay with the My BP card and adhere to the Crazy Savings promotion. These discounts, according to the company, will be in force between April and June, although there will be monthly reviews. “BP understands the great impact that high energy prices are having on citizens both at the level of mobility and at home and in companies,” the company justifies in its note.

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