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The gas stations will be able to start requesting from this Friday the advance payment to the Tax Agency of the fuel bonuses approved by the Government, while the Treasury plans to start transferring the money from next week. For this, the Tax Agency foresees that throughout the day a form will be enabled that will have to be completed by all the service stations interested in requesting the advance payment of 15 cents that the Executive applies to the liter of fuel for all citizens, to which are added another 5 cents that will be borne by the oil operators.

“Above all, we think of small gas stations and those that are not linked to a business group,” the head of the Treasury, María Jesús Montero, remarked this Thursday, who assured that a large part of the stations will be able to benefit from this advance, although He foresees that there will be some that have the capacity and the financial muscle to face the expense.

The form will be published in the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency and in it the service stations will only have to fill in the identification data and a bank account number in which the advance must be paid. To submit the form, authentication with the Clave system or electronic certificate is required.

Advances on account may be requested for the maximum amount of the bonus, which corresponds to 90% of the average monthly volume of subsidized products (basically, fuel) that the service station has sold in 2021, according to what was reported. to the census of companies that make direct sales to final consumers. The amount of the advance, as established in the Royal Decree-Law, may not exceed two million euros, nor less than 1,000 euros.

At the same time, the Tax Agency plans to work “as quickly as possible” in the development of a specific form for the request for monthly refund of the bonuses applied. And also of two other forms so that the beneficiaries of the aid provided for in the Royal Decree-law for the gas-intensive industry and for the transport sector request the single payment.

The minister sent this Thursday a message of “tranquility” to the gas stations about the computer changes that must be included in the invoice so that this bonus is reflected. Until they can put this new system into operation, Montero assured, they will be able to communicate it in “visible places” in the establishment. The Executive will ensure that there is no fraudulent practice regarding the new bonus and has planned to set up a mailbox for complaints, claims and suggestions so that any type of incident can be reported.

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