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Five weeks into the conflict, Russia’s military advance in Ukraine has slowed to a standstill with hardly any further progress. This video explains the current point in which the war is and what could be the next step of the army of Vladimir Putin, Russian president. In addition, since the president announced his military incursion into the neighboring country, the attacks have varied due to the difficulties his army has had in taking key cities such as kyiv.

What are the intentions of the Russian high command? EL PAÍS journalist Óscar Gutiérrez, who covers international information and specializes in conflicts, analyzes Russia’s possible strategies in the war in the face of the problems it has encountered in recent weeks to achieve its goals and the latest announcements by the Kremlin to partially withdraw from some of the areas it has attacked, such as the Ukrainian capital.

On March 25, the Putin government announced that its troops would regroup to focus their offensives on the Donbas area, which has been in conflict since 2014, and is one of the most important regions in the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. In addition, the negotiation for peace between the two countries ended on Tuesday with important advances such as the intention of the Russian Executive to “drastically” reduce its military offensives on kyiv.

However, are the announcements from the Russian high command credible? Governments such as the US or the Ukrainian are suspicious of the Kremlin’s military promises. In fact, this Thursday there have been attacks on northern Ukraine despite the commitments made by Russia. Is there a withdrawal of Russian troops? Are they a regrouping to reinforce each other? In this video, Gutiérrez delves into the current context of the conflict and the possible response of the Ukrainian resistance to the movements that the Kremlin has announced.

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