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The 2022 income tax return campaign, corresponding to the 2021 financial year, recovers a certain normality after two years of the pandemic. Like every year, the declaration can be filed first online and then by other means. From April 6, taxpayers can make the declaration through Renta Web, or by phone from May 5. Face-to-face appointments will be in June.

When the taxpayer considers that the draft of the declaration is correct, he can confirm it and present it. The confirmation and presentation of the draft, and the making of the payment, or the request for a refund, may be made by any of the following means.

Online: on the website of the Electronic Office of the Agency

As of April 6, it is now possible to submit the declaration electronically. Website rental is the help service to process and present the Income Tax return. The taxpayer must use some identification system, such as a recognized electronic certificate, Cl@ve PIN system or reference number.

It is necessary to connect to the website of the Tax Agency Headquarters on the internet, at the address, and access the draft/declaration processing service.

If the return is to be paid and the taxpayer opts for direct debit, they must enter the IBAN account number and, if applicable, the payment installment options. If you do not want to domicile the payment, you must make the payment and in the confirmation you will have to indicate the Complete Reference Number (NRC) provided by the bank. You can also make the payment simultaneously with the presentation of the declaration.

If the result of the draft of the statement is to return or negativethe declarant must enter his IBAN account number.

From the Treasury it is recommended, before confirmation, to review the data before confirming.

over the phone

The draft can be confirmed by phone call, always by appointment. The appointment can be requested from May 3 and an appointment will be given for the presentation of the declaration by phone from May 5.

How to file the 2021-2022 income tax return: online, by phone and in person

Telephone numbers to request an appointment are 91 535 73 26 or 901 12 12 24 (automatic telephone) or with personal attention at numbers 91 553 00 71 or 901 22 33 44, from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can also request an appointment for telephone service online.

The taxpayer must communicate, among other information, their Tax Identification Number (NIF), their reference number or Cl@ve PIN, as well as the International Bank Account Code (IBAN), in which they wish to make the aforementioned direct debit.

The filer will then obtain a secure verification code associated with the filing. In addition, you can obtain the proof of your presentation by accessing the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency.

The telephone route may not be used to confirm the draft of the return when the result is to be deposited and the taxpayer does not opt ​​for direct debit.


To assist the taxpayer in the office and make the 2021 Income Tax return (face-to-face assistance), it will be necessary to make an appointment from May 26 to June 29 online or at the numbers 91 553 00 71 or 901 22 33 44, from Monday to Friday , from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How to file the 2021-2022 income tax return: online, by phone and in person

The declarant must go to the Tax Agency office with all the information necessary for the declaration (reference number of the holder of the declaration, DNI of all the people who appear in the declaration, IBAN of the bank account and cadastral references of all the properties you own or where you live for rent) and check that the data in the draft is correct.

It will not be possible to confirm the draft declaration and carry out its presentation in this way when the result of the same is to be paid and the taxpayer does not opt ​​for direct debit

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