Elections in France: Video Analysis | Strong and weak points of Macron and Le Pen before the decisive electoral debate | Videos

Five years later, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen face each other again in the last televised electoral debate prior to Sunday’s elections. Le Pen has already announced that he would spend two full days preparing for his speeches, after acknowledging after the 2017 debate that he had committed “the biggest failure” of his political career by standing up to Macron. Has the far-right candidate learned her lesson? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates before the audience? Which electorate should they try to win over? The Paris correspondents of EL PAÍS, Marc Bassets and Silvia Ayuso answer these questions in the video analysis that accompanies this news item.

After the fall of the left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round of the presidential elections, his 7.7 million voters may have the key to the Elysee that both Macron and Le Pen crave. The Mélenchonists have already heard the warning from the leader of France Insumisa: “We must not give a single vote to Le Pen.” However, the approach of the leader of National Regroupment to the working classes could place her as the candidate of the popular classes with a speech very marked by the loss of purchasing power of the French. In front of her, a Macron leader in the polls but with an image of an arrogant leader and with recurrent outbursts.

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