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Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have faced each other tonight in the only electoral debate prior to the second round of the French presidential elections, which are held this Sunday. In the video that accompanies this news we collect the four moments that have marked the face-to-face that the private channel TF1 and the public channel France 2 have organized.

Macron has blamed Le Pen for his alleged political dependence on Russia for the loan requested from a bank in the country that has now invaded Ukraine. The leader of the extreme right, for her part, has promised a referendum on immigration, which she has linked to crime, and has proposed banning the Islamic veil in public spaces. Le Pen has also opted to reform the European Union and to try to make France a world leader instead of a European one. Macron has responded by saying that in the second round of the elections, on Sunday April 24, a referendum will be held in France on remaining in the European Union, among other issues.

The debate has been followed live on the EL PAÍS website and on the media’s social networks, both in its original french version as with one simultaneous translation into Spanish. Clicking here you can see it again.

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