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An agent of the Nicaraguan National Police guards the OAS offices, in Managua, this Monday.
An agent of the Nicaraguan National Police guards the OAS offices, in Managua, this Monday.OSWALDO RIVAS (AFP)

The Government of Daniel Ortega has expelled the Organization of American States (OAS) from Nicaragua, a regional organization that he called a “diabolical instrument” to justify the withdrawal of the credentials of its representatives and the search of its headquarters in Managua. This decision marks the culmination of a relationship marked by tension after the Sandinista regime announced its resignation from the OAS in November of last year, although that process – which usually lasts two years – had not yet officially ended.

The police occupation of the OAS headquarters in the residential area of ​​Las Sierritas de Santo Domingo, in Managua, occurred at nightfall, after Foreign Minister Denis Moncada Colindres burst on national television to read a statement in which he charged against the organism. “We will not have a presence in any of the instances of that diabolical instrument of the misnamed OAS,” he assured. The official also announced the withdrawal of representatives from Managua in Washington, where the organization’s headquarters are located.

“The People and Government of Nicaragua have ignored and ignore this Instrument of Colonial Administration, which does not represent at any time the sovereign union of our Caribbean America, and which, on the contrary, is an Instrument of Yankee Imperialism, to violate Rights and Independences, sponsoring and promoting interventions and invasions, legitimizing coups in different formats and modalities”, says the statement read by the foreign minister.

With this decision, the Government of Ortega and his wife and Vice President Rosario Murillo ratify their resignation from the OAS presented last November 19, after the Permanent Council approved with 25 votes a resolution that emphasized that “the Nicaraguan elections of the past 7 of November were not free, fair or transparent and do not have democratic legitimacy”. At that time, the OAS Secretary General, the Uruguayan Luis Almagro, asked the Government to allow a high-level delegation to enter Nicaragua to negotiate the holding of new elections with transparency and credible electoral observation. Almagro’s request was never answered.

“We ratify our invariable decision to leave the OAS, as expressed on November 19, 2021, and by confirming our irrevocable denunciation and resignation, in the face of this calamitous, truculent and lying dependency of the State Department on Yankee imperialism,” said the minister. Moncada. “We also communicate that as of this date we cease to be part of all the deceitful mechanisms of this monstrosity, call them Permanent Council, call them Commissions, call them Meetings, call them Summit of the Americas,” emphasized the official of a government that suffers from deep isolation. international.

“You must fulfill all your commitments”

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The OAS rejected the occupation of its office in Managua with a statement in which it calls the action “illegitimate” and warns that the files and documents in the building “enjoy the most absolute inviolability.” “Its violation by the Nicaraguan authorities makes them internationally responsible for its consequences,” says the communication published by Almagro.

According to the agency, the occupation of the office “is a violation of the most elementary international standards. Nicaragua is a founding member of the OAS. Although it has denounced its Charter, this denunciation will only enter into force at the end of the year 2023, subject to the fact that by then this country has complied with all the obligations that the Inter-American System imposes on all its members, in the respect and fulfillment of its aims and purposes”, reads the statement.

After the seizure of the building was completed, the Government announced that officers of the special operations troops “are guarding what was the local headquarters of the OAS.” Experts in international relations consulted by EL PAÍS in Managua, but who prefer anonymity, explain that this new move by Ortega seeks to prevent the OAS countries from expelling Nicaragua. That is, to avoid the symbolism of an expulsion, which is why they take advantage.

Nicaragua’s permanence in the OAS was in doubt since the body approved the application process of the Inter-American Democratic Charter due to the accusations against Ortega and Murillo about human rights violations in 2018, during the social protests that were violently repressed and that , according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), left 355 dead.

The former ambassador to the OAS of Nicaragua, Arturo McFields, who a month ago rebelled against the government in a session of the organization, said that the departure from “the dictatorship is a moral victory for the people of Nicaragua and especially for those over 180 political prisoners and their families”. “There is hope for Nicaragua,” he added.

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