Seat proposes a plan for 1,130 voluntary early retirements from the age of 61 | Economy

A worker at the Seat plant in Martorell.
A worker at the Seat plant in Martorell.SEAT (Europa Press)

The management of Seat has proposed to the unions an early retirement plan to manage the surplus of jobs that the mass production of the electric vehicle will entail. The plan is aimed at employees over 61 years of age on a voluntary basis, which would affect some 1,130 workers. The car company has put this proposal on the table of the company committee during the negotiation of the new collective agreement, as reported by both the unions and the management.

Specifically, direct workers from 61 years of age and indirect workers from 62 years of age could benefit from the plan, and it will mean a suspension of the contract until 65 years of age, when retirement would begin. Seat has pointed out that this retirement program, which is part of the 2022-2026 period, “will help minimize surplus personnel and adjust the workforce to the company’s transformation process”, while guaranteeing “a business model sustainable”.

The ultimate goal, as he pointed out, is to “prepare ourselves for electromobility and have a more agile and flexible structure to meet our future challenges”. CC OO and UGT have welcomed the proposal considering that it allows guaranteeing access to a “dignified” retirement, although they have indicated that the specific conditions will have to be negotiated. During the meeting of the agreement, Seat has also committed to the workers to pay the delays for the delayed inflation of 2021 in a single payment.

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