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A Movistar store.
A Movistar store.

Telefónica Spain presented this Wednesday miMovistar, its new rate portfolio that replaces Fusión, and is based on a basic fiber optic and mobile offer, to which other services such as pay television, soccer , purchase of smartphone, video games, alarm or health insurance.

This is a revolution with respect to the current Fusion rates, which have served a decade with 4.6 million customers, and are based on closed fiber and mobile offers that, for example, require a communications package of more than 100 euros per month to be able to enjoy football, even if the client only needs a basic Internet and mobile connection.

With the new rate scheme, Movistar intends to position itself again in a market that increasingly tends to low cost, and stop the bleeding of customers that suffers month after month at the hands of rivals low cost such as MásMóvil or Digi. Likewise, it also wants to maintain the so-called premium clients, those with the most consumption, with a flexible offer in the face of the new threat that the ongoing merger of MásMóvil and Orange will pose.

miMovistar starts with three basic rates for Internet connection and mobile telephony: Movistar Más, with 300 megabits per second (Mbps) fiber and mobile with 30 Gigs of data for 54.9 euros per month; Unlimited Movistar, with 1 Gbps fiber and unlimited mobile data for 69.9 euros; Unlimited Movistar 2, with 1 Gbps fiber plus two mobile lines without data limits, for 84.9 euros. All packages have a free mobile included, depending on the rate. The customer can then contract more mobile lines, from 7.9 euros per month.

In a second step, the television offer arrives which, unlike what is happening now, can be contracted separately. Thus, the basic television offer of the platform (Movistar +) costs 10 euros per month and 25 euros if Netflix is ​​added. Soccer can be contracted in a single All Soccer package, which includes LaLiga and the Champions League, for 43 euros per month; or separately (20 euros for LaLiga and 30 euros for the Champions League). However, to be able to hire football it is necessary to have the basic offer, that is, you have to add 10 euros more per month in all cases.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.


In a third block, the subscriber is given the possibility of acquiring equipment such as mobile phones, televisions, tablets, consoles or smartwatch. And, finally, the customer can complete their rates with added services such as Prosegur alarm, telehealth services or video game platform. In the future, the company will integrate more services such as Movistar Car/Moto, Movistar Money, Home Insurance, Energy, as well as additional connectivity options.

This is a revolution with respect to the current Fusion tariffs, which are closed offers for fiber and mobile and which, for example, require the purchase of a 1Gbps communications package and several mobile lines in order to have the football offer, although the customer only requires a basic internet and mobile connection. Current Fusión customers may choose to continue with their current rate or switch to miMovistar and adapt it to whatever they choose.

“Fusion has been a success because in its day it was the first convergent offer that unified all services in a single invoice. But precisely this packaging has now become a problem for some clients due to its rigidity, since it forces them to contract services that they do not need in order to enjoy others such as football. With miMovistar we give the client the possibility of accessing a modular offer, more adjusted to their needs”, explains to EL PAÍS, Emilio Gayo, president of Telefónica Spain.

Gayo is aware that with miMovistar some Fusión customers will lighten their bill, as they no longer have to hire very expensive packages to be able to watch football or have more mobile lines, but he is convinced that this drop in income will be compensated with the incorporation of new subscribers attracted by the flexible offer of the new rates.

web configuration

The client will have a web configurator in which they can, at any time, organize their products and services, designing the offer of their choice and analyzing the costs of their invoice. The company will compare and recommend packages for you based on your profile, usage, and prerequisites.

Any of the miMovistar configurations selected by the customer will include, at no additional cost, among other services, the new Smart Wi-Fi router, which automatically creates two networks, one with maximum speed and the other with maximum coverage; Safe Connection, an antivirus that blocks threats from malware, phishing and fraudulent websites automatically and without installation; o unlimited storage in Movistar Cloud, which allows you to save all photos, documents and files.

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