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The human capital of Applus+, a Spanish technology multinational, is distributed in 70 countries on five continents, covering a large number of nationalities, cultures, races and ethnic groups, religions and beliefs. That diverse identity is embedded in the very DNA of the company and contributes greatly to the success of the business. 86% of Applus+ employees are natives of the country in which they operate, which strengthens the connections between the company and the communities in which it operates.

For this reason, Applus+ has joined The initiative Companies that help of the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations), an employment and training platform to help Ukrainian refugees, as well as any group displaced by the war. The aim is to facilitate the long-term full inclusion of refugees, help them find decent employment and offer free training.

Applus+ posts all its vacancies on the platform, available in Ukrainian, English and Spanish. Users can request information about the position that suits their skills and interests. Right now, 30% of all vacancies on the platform Companies that help have been published by Applus+, which already has its first contracts within the framework of the initiative and has been chosen, together with another Spanish company, as the pilot company for the project.

In the words of Carolina de Velasco, leader of diversity, culture and talent at Applus+, “our experience is that professionals from Ukraine bring a high level of training, skills, responsibility and commitment. We hope they will stay with us, but if after the war they decide to return to Ukraine, we are convinced that the professional experience they have gained here will contribute to the future development of their country”.

Diversity is one of the strategic priorities of Applus+, which has linked the variable remuneration of all management teams worldwide to ESG objectives (environmental, social and governance indicators). The company bases its actions in this area on its diversity and equality policy and its code of ethics, and has renewed its membership of the EU Diversity Charter for three years.

The initiatives that Applus+ has launched to promote diversity within the company have earned it external recognitionas it was chosen among the seven best European companies in the European Diversity Awards and recognized for its most innovative initiatives in this field in the Cinco Días Awards.

For all these reasons, diversity has been one of the dimensions best valued by Applus+ employees in the commitment survey carried out in 2021.

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