Calviño refuses to pose for a photo during an event with businessmen because she is the only woman | Economy

“I’m really sorry. We should have talked about it earlier.” The First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, thus apologized to the organizers of the Madrid Leaders Forum, an act on business leadership, after refusing to pose with them for a photograph. Calviño came to be placed in the photo callbut while they were deciding how to position themselves for the snapshot, he realized that his three companions were men, so he immediately began to walk away from the camera lens.

The scene took place this Tuesday at the entrance to the event organized at the Ifema fairgrounds by the Madrid Business Confederation CEIM-CEOE. The vice president, realizing the situation, informed the president of the Madrid employers’ association, Miguel Garrido, that she would not appear in the photo. And this was repeated later, now without improvising, with Garrido himself, the director of the Madrid Leaders ForumFernando Cueto, and the presence of the general secretary of the CEIM, Sara Molero.

The number two of the Government is very aware of the promise he made in February, when he assured that he would never again accept to pose for photographs in which only men accompanied him. “I am not going to take a picture of myself in which she is the only woman. I will never again participate in a debate in which she is the only woman. We have to take this issue very seriously. The risk we have of involution, of losing the focus of one of the vectors of modernity in this country since democracy arrived, is very high. And there are many events in which I am the only woman because I am the minister, ”she said then.

The minister also announced that day that she would not take part in debates in which she was the only woman, but until this Tuesday no situation had been captured in which this commitment forced a change in the protocol.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.


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