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When Gloria Ramos (Madrid, 1993) sets a goal, she doesn’t stop until she achieves it. Whenever she wants to, she shoots the basket like Collantes does, the leading basketball player she plays in champions, Javier Fesser’s blockbuster that tells the story and the relationship between a coach and his team, made up of players with intellectual disabilities. Her tenacity, attitude and determination to achieve the goal of being an artist earned her that first Goya nomination for best new actress in 2018. Ramos thus became the first female performer with Down syndrome nominated for the most important film award in Spain.

But not only the big screen has witnessed his achievements. Ramos has also obtained a diploma in Early Childhood Education from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas: “Now I am doing a theater tour throughout Spain. I’m also very good at sports, like archery or football,” says Ramos in this interview on much to doCaixaBank’s content program aimed at promoting financial education on basic personal finance concepts.

“I have always wanted to be an actress; I got very heavy and my parents signed me up for theater and dance. During the pandemic, I gave singing lessons online, so I would love to pursue that as well,” she adds. In fact, the unconditional support of the family, especially that of her mother, whom she considers her manager, It has been fundamental: “He helps me in rehearsals, he accompanies me everywhere. When I am with my parents and siblings, I feel like I am protected.”

Ramos happily accepts the price of fame, and confesses that he likes to be stopped on the street. “When I am working with a mask, they also recognize me because they already have me on file,” he says with a laugh.

Investing in oneself and working day by day to pursue our dreams as Ramos does is one of the pieces of advice that Natalia de Santiago, engineer and finance expertoffers in Much to do in a complementary chapter to that of this actress, where she delves into key investment concepts and how it can help us achieve our financial goals.

CaixaBank Life, the financial culture portal

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.


Like Ramos, other illustrious people from culture, sports or gastronomy, among others, will spend this year at much to do to tell, through their personal experience, the importance of financial concepts such as entrepreneurship, savings, investment, family finances, indebtedness or bank security. Voices that will be complemented by the vision of the experts Natalia de Santiago and Xavier Puig.

In addition, CaixaBank has created a hub within its website called CaixaBank Life where it offers, through free digital content and audiovisual resources, keys that serve to improve the financial education knowledge of anyone who needs it.

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