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Tragedy in Codroipo, in Udinese, where a Pioneer 300 took off around 9.30 and after a minute it crashed into the bush catching fire. The passenger, a 40-year-old from Pordenone, died instantly, while the 62-year-old pilot in a reserved prognosis

It took off at 9.30 from the private airfield Al Casale di Codroipo, in Udinese, but a minute later it lost power and crashed near Codroipo, in Udinese. The Pioneer 300, with two people inside, crashed into the bush and immediately caught fire. For the passenger, a forty year old from Porcia (Pordenone), there was nothing to do while the pilot, seriously injured, was transported by helicopter rescue to the Udine hospital where he is now hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.

The pilot

Marco Vivan, 62, also from Porcia, is described as an expert, methodical and scrupulous driver. Now, the investigators will have to understand the dynamics and the reason for the crash. The Pioneer 300 is a two-seater ultralight that reaches a cruising speed of 250 km / h and has the ability to easily land on short grass runways. An aircraft widely used by pilots because it stands out for its simple but very precise maneuverability.

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