The competition bill will arrive in the Senate on Monday 30 May and will be voted on the same day. This was decided by the Conference of the group leaders of Palazzo Madama, according to what some participants report.

The scheduling has been inserted with the formula “where the examination is concluded by the Commission”. This clause, reported Luca Ciriani (Fdi), was asked by the majority because “it is the guarantee that it will not arrive in the House in the original text of the government”, therefore with the primitive formulation of the norm on bathing establishments rather than the result of mediation. “This makes it clear – commented Ciriani – that the majority argue over everything”.
The president Maria Elisabetta Casellati, at the resumption of the proceedings of the Chamber, announced that the discussion will last five hours, and that Fdi and the Mixed group will be assigned an additional 50 and 40 additional minutes.


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