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The Government and the public service unions have agreed today to finally get 29,578 public employment positions for the General State Administration for this year 2022, according to the union centrals. This agreement, which has been brewing for several weeks, includes: 15,880 new jobs; 9,591 internal promotion positions; and another 4,107 for storm stabilization.

It is, as the CSIF union has highlighted, the largest public employment offer in history in the General State Administration, and they will be destined for the most part to cover jobs for the management of public policies, fiscal policy (Treasury) , digital transformation and social cohesion. New entry places — which include 1,150 places for Social Security to manage new benefits — are the most numerous and the ones that have increased the most, 29% compared to 2021, compared to the 1.8% increase in Internal promotion. However, this offer does not include the State Security Forces and Bodies, the Armed Forces or the Administration of Justice.

For its part, UGT Servicios Públicos, also a signatory to the pact, explained that the agreement incorporates measures to speed up the selection processes through social dialogue and carry out faster coverage of the vacancies in the free shift and promotion processes. of the AGE and approximate, as much as possible, the moment of incorporation of the new troops to the publication of the offers. At present, only the interval between the publication of the offer and the effective call can take more than two years, so the personnel needs to serve the public are not adequately met.

In this same sense, CSIF explains that the publication times of calls, the incorporation of new troops and the times between exercises will be reduced. In addition, the Government has agreed to plan the Administration’s needs for several years to guarantee its viability in the medium term and reduce the current staff deficit.

Internal promotion

The agreement reached also includes the review, in the next three months, of the internal promotion processes to simplify and reduce the agendas of the promotion systems to achieve a broader coverage of the positions called and guarantee a professional career in the state administration .

In addition, as the unions have explained, regarding the opposition phase, topics and exercises will be simplified and reduced so as not to affect content already known as a result of their performance by the applicants and the reservation of the opposition phase grade for a next call if the process is not passed. As for the competition phase, the selective competition will be reinforced as a training phase and evaluation of practical content, directly related to vacancies.

However, from CSIF they have assured that they will continue to demand “a legal modification that allows an extraordinary call to be made and only once, for internal promotion, through a contest of merits, without opposition. Once this extraordinary call was made, in general, this central union will request that internal promotion be carried out by passing a selective course, also eliminating the need to pass a new opposition.

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